2020 big conjecture of acoustooptic video

- Jan 02, 2020-

In 2019, 5g topic discussion index soared all the way. With the completion of 5g base station, a new era is coming. Undoubtedly, in 2020, 5g, AI, Internet of things and other new technologies will bring more surprises to our industry.

"Speed, in fact, is 5g * boring application." He, a 20-year-old student at Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, ends up with this sentence in a video he made that hits the whole network. It's true that 5g application is not only the acceleration of communication speed, it will bring people a lot of new viewing experience. It's no longer a dream to watch performances in different places. Instead of rushing to the performance site of Adu, you can also interact with Adu through AI.Because of 5g's powerful data transmission capability and the emergence of augmented reality (AR) technology, the live and live play methods will also be *. For example, in the 2019 Jiangsu inter satellite concert, Joker Xue and the virtual singer Luotian Choral "Dala bun" belong to the practical application of such technology. At this time, not only the offline audience can enjoy the effect of chorus through mobile phone, but also the audience at the scene can receive completely different styles of performance on the stage through mobile phone terminal sense, which greatly increases the interest of the live stage 


Rare night opportunity

Night tour economy

The city makes life better, and the beautiful light adds beauty to the night. In fact, it is also an expression of national prosperity and strong people. To increase night demand is to create a second GDP. Life is colorful. At the beginning of December, Shanghai * good news, to build a new "Chinese fan" theater, which is from and higher than the Norwegian theater (I have been there), passers-by can rotate up to the giant roof. Night and day, all-weather operation.


But behind the prosperity, it is also pointed out that although China is already a big country of intelligent manufacturing, and there are thousands of lighting designers, there are few amazing works in lighting engineering and lighting show works. In addition, there is no award such as lighting design with international influence. At present, there are many award units, but they all have their own entertainment The doubt of self pleasure.

Seizing the opportunity and creating a sense of gain and happiness with light is fast, direct and popular with the public. It's a smokeless fireworks and a feast of vision! But also remember to pay attention to content, light pollution, reduce unnecessary and more pleasant.


*System integrators on the way to transformation

With the vigorous rise of Internet and artificial intelligence industry, all walks of life began to transform and upgrade, striding towards the "intelligent" era. At the same time, the market of audio-visual communication industry is becoming more and more competitive. Users' demand for professional audio and lighting is more and more inclined to customized services.

Such a "cross-border strike" can be seen everywhere, which is also unexpected, because it is no longer the second and third to beat the industry leader, but it is likely to be the old Wang next door. In the context of cross-border attack and consumption upgrading, traditional enterprises, such as sailing against the current, do not advance or retreat, but cross-border integration, innovation and development of enterprises are like fish in the water. The so-called "cross-border attack" is just "survival of the fittest".

In such a fierce competition environment, we need to know that we are going to be eliminated by the market. With the continuous iteration of product technology, system integrators have to go out and learn from each other, communicate with each other and learn from each other. The problems of customers, technology and capital will be solved one by one, the production of the whole industrial chain in the upstream, middle and downstream will be opened up, and comprehensive and professional solutions and comprehensive services will be provided, so that the system integrator can be invincible in the market.


*Popular product development trends

Highly integrated hardware and powerful software functions

 matter from last year's fire to now's "small and beautiful" or the integration and matching of various devices, they are telling us the development trend of products in the audio-visual video industry, that is, the hardware is becoming smaller and smaller, and the software is becoming more and more powerful. The functions of the original hardware are realized by software, such as some functions of the effector, equalizer and mixer can be operated by software Implementation without actual hardware.

The so-called "small and beautiful" is not a small market, but a subdivision of the market to meet the needs of a certain group; beauty is the innovative way of business, the pursuit of *, products, marketing, services and other dimensions to create * good customer experience, the details of which make users moved.With the industry market becoming more and more saturated, consumers have become extremely picky. Only more personalized and diverse products and services can enhance the user's stickiness. As an entry point of the air outlet, we can find the blind area that is not found in the market segmentation, and create exquisite small and beautiful products, so as to win the market.

The hardware is refined, the software is refined in the existing product categories to subdivide a product, dig deep into the needs of users to find the entry point, and then through refined building, to the market.

Time flies, time flies

In 2019, we experienced confusion and found a new direction

In 2019, we set a goal and see new hope

2019 will become the past, and 2020's dream is singing

In the new year,

We still live up to the times,

he front line position of concentric peers in the field of acoustooptic video

Be the leader of the industry and the dreamer of the times

I wish you all the best,

Happy New Year