Bayannur airport to carry out the maintenance of navigation lights

- Sep 12, 2020-

Recently, Bayannaoer airport has carried out seasonal maintenance of runway navigation aids.

The seasonal maintenance work of the navigation aids mainly focuses on the pedestrian inspection of the applicability of the road lighting. Check whether the lamp cover is intact and clean, whether the angle is correct, whether the base fastening degree and whether there is water accumulation after rain in the cable cover. A total of 6 sets of lights were maintained, and three water accumulations in the lamp box cover were removed, and the sealing rubber ring was replaced. Ensure the effectiveness of all navigational lighting equipment.

In the next step, Bayannur airport will also organize and carry out seasonal maintenance of special operation vehicles. And focus on the winter use of vehicles for practical exercises. The safety risk prevention and control work will be moved forward to eliminate the hidden danger of vehicle equipment and the problem that personnel are unfamiliar with seasonal vehicle operation in advance. Prepare for safe operation of aircraft in the coming winter.