Comparable to the lighting Festival! Eight lantern festivals in China

- Oct 10, 2020-

This year, the "double festival" of the Mid Autumn Festival and national day has come together to let the Chinese "classical + modern" broad and profound culture be transmitted to the general public and tourists through bright lights.

Next, through the display and review of the highlights of the eight domestic light shows and light shows during the "double festival", the Chinese lighting network enables citizens and tourists who can't travel as they wish during the holiday to "cloud experience" the charm of domestic cultural and tourism lights in many places.

1、 Mid Autumn Festival Lantern Festival on both sides of the Taiwan Strait (Kunshan)

On September 28, the 2020 Mid Autumn Festival Lantern Festival on both sides of the Taiwan Strait (Kunshan) was lit at Nanhu, Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and Huiju square in the development zone. The Lantern Festival is divided into Zhouzhuang lamp district and Huiju square light district in the development zone. Zhouzhuang lamp District lasts until October 28, while Huiju square light district in Development Zone lasts until October 20.


On the evening of the opening ceremony, the theme performance of the lighting ceremony in Zhouzhuang lamp district was composed of four chapters, i.e. recalling dreams, searching for dreams, realizing dreams and building dreams. The theme performances brought the thoughts of the guests to the song and dance performances by telling stories. Through the scene interpretation of the immersive water village, a night of "flowers bloom in the same night, Zhouzhuang village, with the same roots on both sides of the Strait", was presented.


Based on the pattern of water town, ancient town and rural South of the Yangtze River, Zhouzhuang lamp District integrates traditional lantern with modern light and shadow art. It focuses on creating three theme areas, namely, Shuixiang ancient town, Taiwan old street and Xiangcun Qizhuang. It also creates a light show area with the theme of "flower lane" and "Rain Lane" in the section from Fuhong bridge to Zhenfeng bridge. More than 110 sets of colored lights are used to light up Zhouzhuang's beautiful and dazzling colors Night.


Among them, the old town area of water town takes "the water rhyme is fragrant, the night remembers Zhouzhuang" as the theme, and takes the elegant life of ancient town, the leisurely life of Jiangnan, the interesting life of water town and the life of poetry and painting of Zhouzhuang, which runs through "there is a kind of life called Zhouzhuang", which shows the beautiful water features and simple folk customs of Zhouzhuang; The theme of Taiwan's old street area is "feeling leads to the great beauty of Kunshan mountain on both sides of the Taiwan Strait". It combines the typical culture of Jiangnan with the characteristics of Taiwan Customs, and uses the scene lamp group to display the colorful life of the great beauty Kunshan mountain, and fully displays the local conditions and customs charm of both sides of the Taiwan Strait; The theme of Xiangcun Qizhuang area is "golden countryside and beautiful countryside", with happy countryside, golden rice field and animal and plant sprouting area as the main theme, showing the scene of rice waves blowing by rural wind and unique rural flavor.


Huiju square light district of the development zone has lasted 23 days. With the belief of firmly striving for the double victory of anti epidemic and economic development, the light zone has developed its characteristics and created a colorful feast of light and shadow. It has formed three lantern groups: "cross strait love · one family", "Huiju Tongxin · pray for China" and "reunion Mid Autumn Festival and celebrate National Day together", writing a colorful chapter of cross-strait integration and development There is a strong atmosphere of one family on both sides of the Strait. The two lamp areas echo each other, writing the happy narration of the traditional Mid Autumn Festival together.


During the Lantern Festival, in addition to enjoying the beautiful lanterns and experiencing the characteristics of both sides of the Taiwan Strait, cross-strait cultural exchange and interaction activities will also be carried out simultaneously. Zhouzhuang lantern district will also hold the carnival of "good night and drama at night" and "Shenwu & yezhouzhuang" ancient town theme publicity activities, and continue the water country star music Barbecue Season in Taiwan's old streets as the three major series of activities of this year's Lantern Festival, including more than 10 sub activities such as national trend flash, moon worship ceremony and Lantern Festival real scene puzzle solving, to meet the needs of tourists of all ages with the current popular elements To enhance the tourist experience, create an interactive atmosphere and highlight the market-oriented effect of the Lantern Festival.


In the early stage of the Lantern Festival, Huiju square of the development zone has held a cross-strait photography exhibition with the theme of "pen and ink expressing feelings, calligraphy and painting expressing aspirations", "love you, love you, love Taiwan Association" 2020 Development Zone charity garden tour, and a series of activities of "one helmet belt, safe travel" civilized city construction.


During the Lantern Festival, the 10th cross-strait slow softball Invitational Competition of Kunshan Mazu cup, the third Kunshan Mazu cup painting competition for children across the Taiwan Strait, the first "Kunshan Mazu Cup" cross-strait youth lantern design competition, Taiwan enterprise brand exhibition and night Kunshan · Huiju cross-strait night market were arranged to enrich the connotation of exchange activities with Taiwan, highlight the folk characteristics of both sides of the Strait, and promote cross-strait exchanges The friendship between compatriots has been sublimated and feelings have been heated up.

2、 Mid Autumn Festival Lantern Festival in Guangzhou Cultural Park

On the evening of September 27, the annual Mid Autumn Festival Lantern Festival of Cultural Park was officially held in Guangzhou Cultural Park and lasted until October 8. 23 sets of large and medium-sized lamp sets, nearly 1000 atmosphere lamps, more than 50 animal theme lamps, dry ice atomization device Let the cultural park behind the lights look like a dreamland.


The Lantern Festival uses a variety of animals as the theme, as many as 50, and its cute and interesting shape makes people love it. Among them, the most striking is Wenwen, the mascot of Wenyuan in the theme lamp group of the main gate. The lamp is 20 meters long and more than 8 meters high. It is displayed in the form of a large archway. It embodies the harmonious coexistence of human and nature with various flowers and animals. Wenwen is a lovely sheep. As the mascot of the Cultural Park, holding a lantern represents the Mid Autumn Festival Lantern Festival. Next to the deer, crane, white rabbit and other small animals, lined with big peony, kapok and other lanterns, to create a happy and auspicious atmosphere.