Diaphragm, the foundation of timbre and quality

- Nov 06, 2020-

The reason why the horn can make sound is that the current signal output by the amplifier interacts with the magnet, and then drives the voice coil in the magnetic field to move in a piston like way. Because the diaphragm and voice coil are adhered together, the diaphragm vibrates back and forth and compresses the air to produce sound waves. From this, we can see that the sound we hear is completely dependent on the motion mode of the diaphragm, and it determines what the timbre and quality will look like. The so-called sound floor, like the genes in your cell, will affect your height, weight, beauty and ugliness.The sound quality of bass using metal diaphragm is faster and more accurate, but the disadvantage is that it is less emotional

High hardness vs. low density

We can examine from a few simple indicators, what kind of diaphragm meets the acoustic standards? One is the hardness. We hope that the diaphragm is hard enough, but also a little tough, and can withstand severe overturning movement without deformation or even fracture. Usually, the young's coefficient of the material is taken as the index. Under the same volume condition, the higher the coefficient is, the higher the hardness is, and the faster the sound transmission speed is. No wonder a large factory launched diamond treble a few days ago, and its publicity requirements have repeatedly stressed that the young's coefficient of diamond is very high. However, hardness is not enough. We also hope that its density is extremely low, that is, it must be light enough, otherwise it can't move lightly! High hardness and low density diaphragm material can help to dissipate energy and minimize sound pollution. However, high hardness and low density are two contradictory things. Therefore, the biggest difficulty in diaphragm design is to find suitable materials and use this balance To achieve the best balance point. In addition, diaphragm size, shape, coating, phase cone and dust cover also have an impact on sound.

Dynaudio's MSP diaphragm looks like a line of plastic products from the surface, but it has the exclusive formula of magnesium silicate polymer diaphragm material