Discussion on the design of performance place

- Aug 01, 2020-

The right of speech of judgment itself should not be questioned, but the process of live listening experience is far more complex, irreplaceable and wonderful than we think. Otherwise, recording and live concert will replace the live concert.

In addition to the "music hall" of this year, we will know that the "music hall" will have an impact on the "mind of the audience".

It is frustrating and surprising to explore the performance place from the perspective of acoustic design. Until the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, most of the concert halls and theaters were architectural design first, followed by acoustic design; however, inadvertent acoustic design inadvertently created excellent concert halls.

Argentine acoustician Mar í a Andrea farina presented a report entitled "analysis of acoustic quality of music performance venues based on architectural types" at the International Symposium on music and room acoustics in 2016, explaining the acoustic characteristics of four concert halls / theatres. The four concert halls / theaters are shoe box concert hall, fan concert hall, arena / Valley terrace hall, and horseshoe shape. They have different acoustic characteristics.


The "shoe box" concert hall was established in the 19th century because of the architectural style rather than the acoustic characteristics. This standard lasted until the end of the first World War and revived again in the 1980s

1. The average residual sound of intermediate frequency is about two seconds;

2. The sound of each listening direction is rich and full, and the listener is often immersed in the sound;

3. High definition of music;

 4. The music is very dynamic, and every detail of the orchestra can be fully displayed;

5. The listening effect of different areas is relatively balanced;

6. The balance of different parts of the orchestra is excellent, and the integration of musicians' performance is very high.