Discussion on the design of performance place 2

- Aug 01, 2020-

Arena / vineyard

Arena and valley terrace hall appeared in the early 1960s. Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangdong Province is a concert hall with this acoustic design. It provides another geometric variant of the shoebox hall for symphony music.

Its basic feature is that the performance stage is located in the relative center of the concert hall, the audience area is stacked from low to high layers, and the reflection effect of shoe box concert hall is basically lost.

It is very difficult to create lateral reflections in the valley terrace hall because the stage is surrounded by the audience and the reflecting wall is far away from the instrument. Therefore, the compensation method is usually to divide the different audience areas into blocks, and set the reflector at the front end. But this kind of concert hall also has the characteristics which the shoebox concert hall does not have:

1. It can accommodate more audience;

2. The residual sound level can reach the highest standard required for the volume of symphony;

3. Different listening areas have different acoustic effects;

4. The sound in the audience area close to the stage is clear and balanced, and has the sound quality that makes the audience completely immersed. The acoustic effect of this area is almost the same as that of the shoebox concert hall;

5. In the listening area at the back of the stage, the sound is completely different, because the balance of the instrument is completely inverted, but some unknown visual details of the conductor and Orchestra can be seen in these areas. The most familiar Xinghai Concert Hall is the valley terrace hall