Eight lantern festivals in China

- Oct 10, 2020-



The theme of the Lantern Festival is "bright lights chanting mountains and rivers", which can not be without the beautiful scenery of ecology and nature. Located in the central square of the park, the large light group "green home" uses the images of Yangcheng architecture, green mountains and rivers, animals and plants, and integrates high-tech collocation to create a three-dimensional ecological home beauty. The lamp consists of two layers. The lower layer is surrounded by mountains. The "tree of life" in the middle is decorated with a light strip hanging below, which is quite like the "tree of soul" of avatar Pandora. The high-rise buildings on the upper floor, Guangzhou tower, Liede Bridge and other landmark buildings show the unique scenery of Yangcheng mountains and waters. The meaning of the lamp group is to let the city integrate into the nature, so that people can see the mountains and rivers, and remember the nostalgia.



"Lingnan water town" lamp group adopts the characteristic building of Lingnan, combining with bright moon and small bridge water to show the natural ecological environment of Lingnan water village, which contains strong local nostalgia. Antithetical couplet is as like as two peas in the cultural park. In addition, the pot ear wall in the "Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan" lamp group and the "Lion Dance golden autumn" lamp group are all based on local elements, showing a strong Lingnan flavor.



In order to create a dreamy and beautiful color lamp effect, the dry ice atomization device was specially designed in some theme scene groups to make the lamp group produce the dreamlike effect of fog. The "tree of soul" in the "green home" lamp group radiates brilliant light in a cloud covered fog. There are also the theme landscape group "ecological paradise" and "south of the Five Ridges water village" located in the central axis. In dry ice spray, the grassland scenery and the natural beauty of South of the Five Ridges waterfront are displayed, giving people a feeling of personally on the scene. The rosy clouds are slowly rising. In addition, the "nebula" effect of the fairy lantern is also seen in the Lantern Festival. In the "Mingxi garden" section, the spray device is arranged to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a pool of living water.

3、 Chongqing South Hot Spring Lantern Festival

On September 29, 2020 Chongqing South Hot Spring Lantern Festival was held in Chongqing South Hot Spring Park and the former site of Chongqing No.10 middle school. It runs through the traditional festivals such as Mid Autumn Festival, national day, Chongyang, new year's day, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, and will end at the end of February 2021.


The Lantern Festival extends about 2.5 kilometers along the mountain and beside the water. Along the way, there are 108 lamp groups with 18 themes, such as "Nine Dragon Wall", "Chinese dragon", "Fengming auspicious omen"


Huaxi River, 100 meters long, 13 meters high "Chinese dragon" momentum.


There are also beautiful large carp across the river, representing wealth and auspiciousness.


The nine dragon wall, composed of 50000 pieces of Jingdezhen porcelain, is exquisite and exquisite.

It is reported that the Lantern Festival was operated and created by the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association and Chongqing Guangyao night sky lantern culture and art company. It adopts the immersion method, relies on the beautiful natural landscape space of south hot spring, and takes the excellent Chinese traditional culture and Bayu historical and cultural stories as the design inspiration, fully integrates the acousto-optic effects of light, shadow, water, tourism, performance and fog with modern high-tech 5D technology, For the coming citizens and tourists, a feast of light and shadow combining tradition and modernity is presented.