Hebei top ten characteristic night tour destinations and night tour project highlights!

- Sep 05, 2020-

Recently, the "night tour in Hebei" jointly sponsored by the Department of culture and tourism of Hebei Province and the people's Government of Tangshan municipality was launched in Tangshan. In order to further enrich the "Night Tour" economy and boost the new development trend of the whole area and full-time tourism, the "night tour Hebei" activity also revealed the "top ten popular destinations of night tour in Hebei".

Torch Festival of luanzhou ancient city

01 Zhengding ancient city

Zhengding is a civilized ancient city with a glorious and long history, and is listed as a national historical and cultural city. In history, Baoding and Beijing were called "three northern Xiong towns", which was the hometown of Zhao Zilong, a famous general of the Three Kingdoms. Ancient city wall, Longxing Temple, rongguofu It tells the oriental charm and shows the rhythm of the times.

The numerous historic sites and literary shops make it a gathering place of culture and trend. During the day, you can see historical sites, enjoy night scenery, taste Zhengding food, and buy Zhengding specialty while playing.

After the maintenance of the South Gate of Zhengding, it has become a good place for photography. Especially when night falls, the ancient city of Zhengding is decorated with thousands of colorful lights. The ancient cultural charm and modern urban atmosphere are perfectly integrated, which makes many tourists forget to return.

Tangshan South Lake scenic spot 02

After years of ecological transformation, the South Lake Scenic Area of Tangshan has become the central ecological scenic spot of a large city, which is a huge city "green lung" and "oxygen bar". The scenic spot creates a more warm urban life, and completes the construction of key projects such as light shadow water dance show, Chinese shadow puppet theme park, love road and Nanhu football park. The city night street will be launched in September

Walking into the night of Nanhu, the light, shadow and water dance show is the best choice for the summer night tour.

Walk into Yunfeng island and uncover the mystery of that year's youth. Feel the spiritual connotation of Tangshan's Centennial cultural context through the integration of music and dance with dazzle beauty.

When you come to Vientiane forest, you will find yourself in the plant style Museum, which will open the door of mysterious and fantastic places, and perform countless adventures.

03 Tangshan banquet

A museum of edible food culture. Through pavilions and pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, tea houses and restaurants, food shops and workshops, the three-dimensional landscape experience of small towns and alleys will combine Tangshan characteristic food with cultural tourism. "Three streets, two alleys and one river", watch the traditional drama performance, taste the delicious food of Tangshan, and feel the most authentic taste of Tangshan.

04 Chengde heyday Dynasty Cultural Industry Park

n Chengde, in addition to the summer resort, there is also a performance you can't miss! The world's first large-scale outdoor live performance with royal culture theme - "the grand ceremony of Emperor Kangxi" brings different mountain city night tour culture!

In the acousto-optic stage special effects, in the illusory and real scene interpretation, it seems to go back to the Qing Dynasty.

The whole performance is based on Chengde's unique natural and cultural elements, and draws on the historical context and royal cultural elements of the prosperous period of Kangxi and Qianlong. Under the influence of high-tech audio-visual stage effect, the audience can truly experience the grand historical story of Emperor Kangxi from building summer resort to establishing Chinese territory.05 tumenguan Yidao Town, Shijiazhuang

Tumen pass, the first ancient road in China -- the first pass of the ancient road of Qin emperor. 

Relying on the planning and construction of dongtumen village and xitumen village of bailuquan Township, the town is a comprehensive resort integrating human history, folk culture, natural landscape, leisure and entertainment. The town introduces traditional snack merchants from Shanxi, Shaanxi and Hebei provinces and surrounding areas, "one shop, one product, one specialty". The heavy flavor of the traditional life and the simple folk customs of the town have attracted many surrounding tourists for sightseeing, enjoying special food and experiencing traditional handicraft culture.

Night falls, thousands of lights on the earth gate closed each path are bright, let people unconsciously indulge in the night!