Hebei top ten characteristic night tour destinations and night tour project highlights!2

- Sep 05, 2020-

The park has now become a unique night culture experience base in Beidaihe. The park is the product of the integration of performing arts culture, leisure culture, fashion culture, food culture and other elements. It has truly achieved the "cocktail" mode, allowing people to fully experience "the same sea, different feelings".


07 warm spring ancient town in Zhangjiakou

Nuanquan ancient town is located in a famous historical and cultural town in China and is now a national AAA tourist attraction. The ancient town is named "warm spring" because it has a spring with the same water temperature all the year round. The ancient town has a long history and is famous for its springs, markets, ancient buildings and folk culture.

Huashuhua is a traditional folk cultural activity of the Han nationality in Nuanquan town. This unique ancient festival fire has a history of more than 500 years. It splashes molten iron on the walls of the ancient city and forms thousands of sparks. It is called "tree flower" because it is like a tree crown with luxuriant branches.

When 1600 degrees Celsius rising hot metal and cold wall collision, dim night is instantly lit up!

Handan Fangte national color in spring and Autumn

Handan Fangte national color spring and autumn theme park is located in Zhanghe ecological science and Technology Park of Handan city. Based on Chinese historical civilization and Handan historical and regional culture, it absorbs nutrients from various cultural sources, such as idiom culture, myth culture, Handan historical culture, traditional art culture, folk custom culture, etc., and uses sound, light, electricity and digital technology as a means of high-tech expression And other high-tech technologies, integrating cultural communication and interactive experience, show the rich connotation of Chinese idiom culture and the unique regional culture of Handan.

09 Baoding love town · taihangshui town

Located in Baoding Yi County, one of the first batch of regional tourism demonstration counties in the core area of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration, Lianxiang taihangshui town is a key observation project of the first Hebei tourism industry development conference, and won the National Tourism poverty alleviation demonstration project (company + farmers). It is adjacent to the beautiful Yishui Lake in the west, the Western Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty, the world cultural heritage in the north, and Langya Mountain, the red holy land, in the south.

The red light lights up the secluded lane, where you can experience the backward flow of time. There are 27 national, provincial and municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance projects settled in taihangshui town. Shadow puppets, paper cuts, clay figurines, cloth shoes and other intangible cultural heritages are deeply loved by tourists; rave films, ancient costume tours, embroidered houses, street portraits and other cultural performances are splendid; The cultural pavilions of Taihang grottoes, wax statues, calligraphy and painting, surnames and other cultural pavilions have distinctive characteristics and are breathtaking; experience activities such as farming life experience, natural ecological research and learning, and handmade paper-making hall have become the hot spots of card punching, which are carrying out the protection and deep cultivation of Chinese rural culture.

10 Xingtai Taihang Xingxiang ancient town

Taihang Xingxiang ancient town is a key project of new tourism formats introduced by Xingtai County Party committee and government in 2017, covering an area of 27 square kilometers.

With the layout of "food, accommodation, travel, shopping, entertainment, learning and thinking", the ancient town integrates eight functions of "ecological conservation, scale planting, cultural industry, agricultural leisure, health preservation and vacation, parent-child entertainment, wedding photography, and food shopping" to create a new tourism development of red tourism culture industry, Xingxiang folk culture and creative industry, Taihang ecological culture industry, film and television performance culture industry, and the integration of various industries Finally, it will be built into "national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration area", "provincial cultural industry demonstration base", national 5A level scenic spot and "the first characteristic cultural and tourism town" in Xingtai.