How to choose HD player correctly

- Jul 25, 2020-

The core technology of HD player is chip decoding scheme. A good HD player can decode multi format multimedia with small output stream. It can be operated by remote control on TV to complete video on demand. At present, HD player can carry out specific video on demand, playback and so on. It can play video with 480p (standard definition), 720p, 1080i and 1080p.


Hard disk HD player

This kind of HD player needs to download the movie from the hard disk before playing the movie in the player. Most of them can achieve basic AV and color difference output, i.e. 480p effect output, and some can achieve high-definition HDMI output, i.e., 720p, 1080p effects. High definition film source is needed to realize HD output, which is usually about 4G, and 10g for larger ones.

2、 Key points of purchasing HD player

Before purchasing HD player, we need to know what kind of HD player we need, whether it's hard disk or Internet. Consumers just want to use it to watch HD movies on TV, or use it for entertainment in their spare time.

1. Experience the quality of decoded and output images

At present, 720p and 1080p are popular in the market. Decoding and output for 1080p effect, of course, is high-definition. Decode 1080p, but output 720p is not strictly HD. Obviously, HD is based on resolution. The international standard for HD should reach or exceed 720p, and 1080p can be regarded as full HD standard. At present, many products on the market call themselves HD players. In fact, they only have 576p output capacity. If you want to watch movies with 1080p HD flat panel TV, the player with 1080p output capacity is the first choice.

2. Understand the configuration of the chip

Chip is the core technology of HD player. What kind of chip is used determines the function of HD player. At present, there are many chip schemes on the market, but the mainstream chips are mainly based on Sigma and Realtek. Sigma supports most HD formats with high definition and smooth playback. However, RMB / VB does not support these two formats. In comparison, the latter is more compatible. Support mainstream HD format and RMB / RMVB video playback, but also support network playback, BT download, its strong compatibility and low price, has been well received by the majority of users.