How to improve the effect of stage lighting

- Jun 05, 2020-

Therefore, in the planning of carnival theme activities, how should the stage lighting design be solved? The stage lighting design is done very well, which is closely related to the effective application of lighting, lighting perspective and composition. Whether the success of the party depends on the authenticity of the customers.

Stage lighting technical engineers use different lighting effect methods to solve various lighting effects, orientation and color, so as to exceed the ideal expression effect, improve the attractiveness of plastic arts and the program content and characteristics. Stage lighting must address the following five categories:1. Determine the destination of LED luminous flux. The lighting fixtures shall be adjusted according to the regulations of the film director on the program and the overall camera lens schedule.2. Pay attention to the effect of light. Not only to build the interface atmosphere, but also to meet the requirements in color, mentality and program content.3. It is the rationalization of paving lighting fixtures. The position, angle, orientation and chroma of the lamp should be beneficial to reflect the reality of the scene.4. Master the flow of LED luminous flux. Normally, the scene light is spread first, followed by the main light. In small scenes, the main light is first spread, and then the background light is adjusted.5. It is to check the consistency of commonly used light during trial recording. To prevent or eliminate the cause and appearance of actual effects such as black shadow, landscape black shadow, light overlapping, and human factors in black shadow areas.

As a kind of literary creation, the stage lighting design of theme activities should not only invest a lot of money in the initial stage, but also create all programs. As a lighting interior designer, it must be based on the table book, according to the overall definition of the film director, according to the special scene, with famous actors and scenery as the goal, apply a variety of lighting fixtures and lighting control systems to design ideas and writing, design a set of strict implementation scheme, this process should be able to be manipulated, and present on the spot in the evening program Scene appearance, creating scene and story, 3D rendering performance atmosphere, etc. to plan service projects for the party activities.