How to make tourism performance sound

- Sep 12, 2020-

First, the scale of investment is getting larger and larger (China's highest standard of performance investment of more than 500 million yuan is a waste, unable to match the income).

Second, pursuing form and neglecting quality. More and more large-scale live performance light content, heavy form, more sense of stimulation, less cultural taste. Behind the splendid feast is the lack of cultural nutrition and even mediocrity.

Third, the terrible reality is the overall loss, 811 phenomenon (80% loss, 10% flat, 10% profit), the No.28 railway rate (20% flat profit, 80% loss)

Fourth, the problem of homogenization is serious. Tourism performance projects with similar content are also impacted by innovative cultural tourism projects such as night tours.

1. Project location is the key to success or failure.

Large scale tourism performance must be based on a certain number of existing tourists. For tourism performance projects, many people choose places where there are not many tourists, hoping to boost popularity through performances, but this is impossible. Tourism performance needs to rely on popularity and transform tourists. For example, Songcheng entertainment projects prefer first tier cities and scenic spots, while light assets projects prefer second tier and third tier cities. The existing projects of the company are located near the first-line tourist cities or core scenic spots, including Hangzhou, Sanya, Lijiang, etc. the first tier cities and core scenic spots ensure sufficient passenger flow resources and provide guarantee for the development of the company's projects.

2. Quality control of products

Content has always been the core competitiveness of tourism performance. In order to avoid the homogeneous competition of Tourism Performing Arts products and realize the marketing and development of tourism performing arts industry, it is necessary to innovate Tourism Performing Arts projects, excavate the innovation points of Tourism Performing Arts Industry from a keen perspective, and innovate the forms of Tourism Performing Arts products. To do tourism performance projects, we must have an independent and complete planning and design and creative performance team, and strictly control the product quality. In the development of projects in other places, we can fully tap the local culture. At the same time, during the operation of the products, we can continuously improve the scenic spots and performing arts products, and timely obtain and integrate fresh elements. In the planning of Tourism Performing Arts products, we should constantly innovate in form, technology and environment to improve the functional nature of performance products.

3. Build a complete tourism performing industry chain

It is of great significance to promote the long-term development of tourism performing arts industry. In order to build a complete industrial chain, we should not ignore any link. From the creative planning of Tourism Performing Arts projects, the development of Tourism Performing Arts products, project promotion and operation, and product marketing, we should ensure the innovation of each link and create conditions for the later product promotion and marketing, so as to promote the maturity of tourism performance industry chain.

4. To form an effective tourist detention mechanism

Tourism Performing Arts should be able to self-reliance, establish an effective tourist retention ecosystem, and the solution to the current difficult situation of staying tourists mainly depends on the second and third consumption of tourists except for performing arts. Keeping tourists is the key. It is important to build scenic spots with scene features, develop night tour projects and extend the industrial chain of performing arts projects. Most of the tourism performances are held in the evening, which can give full play to its function of extending the stay time of tourists and stimulating consumption.

According to the fatigue index and time period of tourist activities, the best performance time of tourism performance is 1-1.5 hours. If you want to attract more individual tourists, you should pay attention to the entertainment experience and participation interaction of tourists related to evening performance products in the scenic spots during the day. Entertainment Interaction in the daytime is marketing at night.


Tourism performance is a kind of popular tourism "consumer goods", which mostly adopts the non protagonist mode and is standardized and "running volume". Successful tourism performance is an excellent commercial product, but it is not necessarily equal to high quality and artistic value, but lies in the perfect balance between quality, acceptance, cost control and replicability.

Compared with the vigorous demand of tourism market and the rich cultural resources in China, the supply of Tourism Performing Arts still has great potential. We should promote the transformation and upgrading of Tourism Performing Arts and form an effective supply. Only by combining the needs of tourists for tourism performance products, improving the level of creation and innovating the business model, can we provide high-quality and popular new products, and drive the development of tourism performance to the direction of specialization, branding and scale. The scene of tourism performance doesn't have to be grand. If the theme is bright, the characteristics are outstanding, the story is wonderful, and the cultural flavor is full, even a small performance can attract the attention of many tourists