influence of power supply on sound

- May 22, 2020-

First, install power filter. The most affected part of the sound system is the "contact conducted" electromagnetic interference. The high-frequency noise generated by the motor device of the refrigerator and washing machine, the lighting tube, and even the computer will enter the power supply of the sound system without mercy and affect the sensitive circuit. Although these high-frequency noises are far beyond the range of hearing, the magic ear can feel the degradation of sound quality caused by them. These high-frequency noises will indeed "modulate" the audio signal of the sound. The most direct solution is to install a power filter.

In addition to the power filter in the market, it also has a very effective "power processor". Usually this kind of product is expensive, but the effect is significant. It can effectively remove power impurities and maximize the sound quality of the equipment. Some well-designed power filters also have good performance in power capacity and dynamic aspects.

Another thing related to the power supply of the equipment is also easy to be ignored. Strictly speaking, "landing" is actually part of the power supply, but "landing" usually involves the default power system configuration of the building during construction. Generally speaking, buildings do not do special treatment for the "landing" of sound equipment, so the general "landing" situation is not ideal. Good "landing" can effectively suppress the impact of electromagnetic interference on the sound quality. If conditions permit, professionals can be invited to erect the building ground wire.

The other part is the "landing" processing of the audio equipment itself. Sometimes, connecting a ground wire between the signal source and the amplifier's housing can significantly help the sound quality. This is the role of zero potential integration between the equipment, which also helps to suppress the influence of electromagnetic wave on the sound quality performance. Of course, it involves the field of radio-frequency interference. In fact, a seemingly inconspicuous ground wire needs to be carefully selected, and even different connection directions will have audible differences.

Another topic related to the above "landing" is "power phase". Generally, the power lines of audio equipment are all IEC standard specifications. Next, it is whether the wall socket and internal wiring in the house are constructed according to the definition of IEC standard. Although the incorrect configuration does not affect the use of electric appliances, the sound quality of the audio system is affected. In addition, for audio equipment using two pin power plug, plug in in in different directions will actually have different sound performance (two power lines are divided into live line and zero line), and the difference is the same as that of power socket not in accordance with the Standard IEC device. Sound players can try to determine the change of sound by themselves.

A good set of audio equipment, power and ground are inseparable. A good "landing" helps to improve the purity of the power supply. In the case of serious power pollution, power processing is an indispensable equipment in the sound system.

The pure power supply enables the audio equipment to play the highest potential, that is, to restore the original sound quality of the audio, and a good "landing" is a part of the good power supply. By integrating the consistency of power phase and zero potential between equipment, the best power rejection performance of the whole sound system can be exerted, all noises affecting the sound quality can be blocked, and the best original appearance of music can be restored.