Introduction to effect lights

- Feb 22, 2019-

Using a combination of lighting, mechanical transmission and electrical control, it projects a variety of scenes, natural weather changes and illusory scenes. Can display a variety of static scenes and activities such as rain, snow, fire, clouds, waves, lightning, rising sun, etc., can also use dynamic shadows as a background to show changes in various landscapes, mines, etc.

Most of them are slides, big and bright, and the principle is the same as a general slide. When a projection is required, a dedicated slideshow is used. There are many kinds of stage effect lights, such as the canopy slides that produce various backgrounds on the sky, the subtitle slides for text descriptions during the theatrical performances, the turntable slides that show the special effects such as clouds, waves, and red flags, showing the ripples of the microwave. The running water slides, as well as lightning effects, rain and snow effects, turntable effects, double loop effects, etc., matched with the skylight slides.