Introduction to lighting equipment in active KTV atmosphere

- Aug 17, 2019-

KTV private room lights can be divided into: 

according to the use of: performing arts lighting, this is a common stage lighting, including moving lights, scanning lights, wizard lights, laser lights, pattern lights, scanning class of three-claw, eight claws Fish, bimonthly lanterns, Promise Arrows and Magic Balls, Strobe Lights, Rain Lights, LED Par Lights, Consoles, Small Smoke Machines, etc. From the role of manufacturing atmosphere, second, environmental lighting, LED lighting, lamp, energy-saving lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, explosion-proof lamps, purple lights, etc., from the role of environmental lighting. Third, decorative lamps, LED background curtains, LED neon lights, lighting, LED guardrail tubes, LED strips, LED floor tiles, acrylic light boxes, etc., to play the role of environmental decoration.

KTV private room lighting features: KTV room lighting features are determined by the characteristics of the KTV room itself, the general KTV room is open for 12 hours every day, long-term use, the performance of the lamp is very high Requirements, so KTV room lighting must be durable. Moreover, the individuality of the lighting patterns and effects, many KTV rooms design will be personalized in the decoration, in order to lead the trend and attract consumers.

KTV room lights commonly used lamps: First, the laser light, now there is a private room laser light designed for private rooms, characterized by continuous use for a long time, with starry effect and simple patterns, to create an atmosphere . Second, the strobe light, mainly LED, LED strobe features durable, no need to replace the lamp, mostly for voice control mode, stroboscopic effect. Third, the pattern effect lamp, also called the flower lamp, is divided into two types. One kind of light source is a light bulb, and the pattern effect produced by the GOBO pattern plate is vivid. The other is that the light source is an LED and the pattern is relatively regular. The fourth is the background decorative lights, there are xenon lights, star curtains, and acrylic light boxes. The fifth is color change, dimming lamps, generally LED light source, LED par light, LED rain light, to change the color and adjust the environment light and dark.

The application trend of KTV room lights: First, the trend of increasing the number of KTV rooms in the home, requiring the lamps to be more popular in design, installation and control, which is more conducive to manipulation and installation. Second, the increasing trend of LED lighting applications, low energy consumption, and durability, these are the inherent advantages of LED light source lamps. Third, the trend of multi-pattern and personalized demand, customers will have more requirements for the lighting effects of KTV rooms, which requires us to provide more professional and technical, and more to meet the needs of customers and the public. .