KTV resumes work

- Mar 20, 2020-

For the offline entertainment industry practitioners who have been anxious and worried for a long time, this news is undoubtedly a beam of light that breaks through the darkness. What's more gratifying is that some industry experts predict that "revenge consumption" will become a reality after offline entertainment resumes. The first batch of KTV resumed in Shanghai, full K, Hollodi, Yinledi, Freeport are full! Robbery! Waiting! The enthusiasm of customers makes us wonder if time travels back to the golden years of KTV.

Of course, some people may worry that the epidemic has not passed yet. Is there any risk that offline entertainment gathers so many customers? Since the government allows KTV to resume work, it will naturally have corresponding guidelines for resuming work. The “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Pneumonia in Shanghai Entertainment Venues ”issued by Shanghai Cultural Tourism Bureau has very detailed requirements for entertainment venues before and after operation, so that customers can be more at ease and safer

During the business hours of the entertainment place, disinfect the public parts inside and outside the place (entrance hall, front desk, exclusive corridor, exclusive elevator, stairs, toilet, door handles, etc.) at least twice a day (spray disinfection is recommended). The singing and dancing entertainment venues and chess and card rooms where private rooms are set up should be cleaned and disinfected immediately after consumers have left the store.

The venue will arrange employees to inspect the venue to remind consumers who do not need to remove the mask to wear the mask correctly.

Needless to say, every operator who chooses to go on today thinks about "how to live". From the perspective of the relevant person in charge of the charm KTV Shangdi store, although there is an operating burden at the moment, it is certain that things can be done with heart. Nowadays, consumers, including young people, still have certain leisure and entertainment needs for KTV. It depends on whether KTV can provide services and products according to consumers' preferences. "Now I am thinking about the follow-up business plan every day, sometimes when I am sleeping and dreaming, the store is currently planning to further enhance the intelligence, such as smart song devices. Wait to keep pace with the times. "


Entertainment KTV industry has been relatively slow in recent years, and this year ’s epidemic has made the industry worse. Now offline entertainment has begun to resume work, allowing the industry to see a glimmer of opportunity, opportunities often appear in difficult situations. Entertainment KTV can also meet certain leisure and entertainment needs of consumers, enhance services and products, and the industry still has unlimited possibilities in the future.