Stage lighting design scheme

- Jul 10, 2020-

  1. To create a complete stage lighting free space, to meet all lighting requirements; 2. To make the system can continue to operate, appropriately increase the reserve and expansion space; 3. The anti-interference ability and safety of the system are taken as important design indicators; 4. The high-efficiency energy-saving cold light new lamps are introduced into the system design; 5. DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced into all aspects of system design.

  2. How to design wedding stage lighting

    Wedding stage lighting design methods: 1. Reduce the height of the T-stage; 2. Mirror carpet; 3. Increase the use of light sources such as candles in the space; 4. Light up the lighting of the banquet hall and then match the lighting design In the low height wedding stage visual design, to make the ground (T platform surface) and wedding stage hall ceiling visual space is very important, that is to say, the design of the top space is very important - you can try to light the lighting of the stage hall itself, then match the lighting design, and then let the mirror carpet reflect the top, which can achieve the extension effect.