Ten major events in lighting industry

- Dec 21, 2019-

 2019 is a year of testing, a year of quenching and fission. There are ups and downs, highs and lows, ecstasy and sadness. There is a saying that "life is hard every year, as long as the spirit does not slip.". In a flash, we will usher in a new era of intelligent lighting. The past is not smoke, but also can be savored. I have listed ten major events I have seen and shared them with you.

1. The river wind rises to the earth, and the lighting industry spreads

I made the headline of Jiang Fengyi's promotion to academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the following reasons: China's lighting industry, since then, has the first academician in a real sense, and is also a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It can be said that "there is no one before" and when "there is someone after"? No doubt. Secondly, Mr. Jiang, no, should be renamed as academician Jiang. He has made remarkable achievements in research, which happens to be closely related to our lighting. Silicon based blue light, yellow light, green light, red light, golden yellow light, etc. can be widely used in the field of lighting.

There are three other things worth remembering: the first is the 6th China Lighting initiative award, which is awarded to the golden yellow light of academician Jiang's team. Second, on April 24, 2019, organized by Secretary General Dou Linping, President Bing Shukui (then) participated in the review of China photography society, and academician Chen Lianghui served as the leader of the review team (I was lucky to be a member of the team). At that time, he evaluated "four international leaders and one international advanced". Third, Zeng Xiaolan and Zhao Fei led and hosted the "world lighting conference" held in Nanchang this year. Mr. Nakamura Xiuer, the Nobel laureate invited to attend, thought that the data were consistent and praised for the achievements of academician Jiang after their test and comparison, and recognized them as international advanced. He also recommended academician Jiang aoa2019 global semiconductor lighting outstanding contribution award. Having written so many, it is nothing but evidence: academicians are also struggling out!


2. Giant stage of wisdom pole, who will dominate the ups and downs

In this era, there is no attribute in front of the noun: wisdom, which seems to be embarrassed to say. From smart city to smart sound. It's a turn of the day. It's true that the intelligent lamp pole has been called for many years! The LED street lamp ranks the bottom in the national city. I remember that when the old leader came to Shanghai Cree company for inspection, I dared to put forward my opinion, saying: the LED street lamp in this city is backward. Jiaping, Li Ying and Lin tie can prove it on the spot. I don't know if it has something to do with it. Now the jurisdiction of street lamp in Shanghai has been classified as a place.

Since last year, as a result of entering the Expo, the overhead lines have been landed one by one, all of which have entered the underground public pipe gallery. Street lamp, signboard, probe, etc. are hung on a pole together, which is called "city pole", and by the way, the high-voltage sodium lamp is also replaced by LED lamp head. From this point of view, the LED light still borrows the light of the pole, and this person closes you in. It's strange that the most popular protagonist at the beginning of singing is not lighting company, but cross-border "robbery". No wonder it's not called smart light pole, but city combined pole. Shenzhen is not the same. It was called wisdom lamppost at the beginning. Qiaoxiang road is a model. As a matter of fact, the local enterprises are powerful enough. There are so many listed companies, and it's still early to set up the association of smart light poles. The reality is that "foreign monks are good at chanting sutras", and they are at the top of the list. Is it the grandeur of local enterprises or what's the situation? This can't be put. A lamp post, plus the word "wisdom", will be more than ten thousand, plus 5g? This is a trillion supermarket. It can't "blossom in the wall and smell outside the wall", but also "I am the master of my site"!

3. Seventy years of national celebration, lighting people's highlight time

LED is really a good thing, everywhere! If there is no night, is it interesting during the day? Then, if there is no light at night, will there be interest? If there is no led in the light, will there be a high style? This year's seventieth birthday, LED landscape lighting is blooming, so that the people of the whole country have a sense of gain and happiness in an instant. Mr. Zheng Jianwei cooperated with renmin.com, tried to use the idea of artificial intelligence, and made a kind interaction with the media screen of the landmark building: "five star red flag heart to heart". From Hangzhou of G20, Xiamen of BRICs, Qingdao of SCO summit, Shenzhen of 40th anniversary, Shanghai and other major cities entering the Expo, the lights are bright. Chongqing is the most outstanding city. Although it does not have the support of the international conference, it still makes itself a net red city. It is said that the municipal government also called on the citizens of the city to let out the "big living room" for watching the light show without going out during the festival, and even requested that the location of the hotpot shop be vacated for the visiting "foreign guests". In the major resorts of the country, people crowd in the daytime and even in the evening. There are more than 100000 people in the Bund of the city of demons in a single night. Isn't the Bund turned into a people's beach? The cruise ships of the Huangpu River alone have an annual income of more than 30 million. Beijing is even more powerful. Among the tourists, Shanghai is the first and Tianjin is the second. It can be seen that Shanghai dialect prefers to match Beijing opera. Do lighting and even do display, almost every family before the festival rush to work, watch between festivals, after the holiday, this kind of scene, is simply the lighting industry super light Carnival!

4. Night economy is a great opportunity to light with lights

The nighttime consumption of the night economy accounts for 60% of the total consumption of Americans, which is the fifth largest industry in the UK. 60% of China's consumption also occurs between 18:00 and 22:00, no exception in major cities. The rise of night economy is undoubtedly a great opportunity for lighting. The light is for the night. It is the light messenger of the night. No light, no night economy! It's just that the people who make the lights don't know the real face of Lushan Mountain, only because they are in the mountain.

First, around the night economy, the eager light modeling, light art devices (Human-Computer Interaction), light carving sketches, etc., the large ones can become classic symbols, and the small ones can become popular light dolls for all ages. How many articles are there to do? Second, we are light makers and can sell lights. What is night economy? In the end, one sentence: create second GDP. Internet +, there is an online and offline oto. What about the night economy? Can't we create a night light market? Maybe I think more, I'm afraid it's not in line with the reality. The key is have you tried it? What if there is any harvest? For example, on holidays, come to a "double 11" or "double 12" of crazy lamp selling. The lighting Festival is also the Lantern Festival, and the festival is also the festival of selling lights. This is the big party of lighting.

5. Rapid development of tourism industry, full empowerment of light Charm

Green mountains and rivers are the golden mountains and silver mountains. If you take a picture of the scenery, if you don't mark it, you can't tell where it is. Why? In the East, the west, the north and the south, one side of the thousand cities is a garden. The first line, the second line and the third line are higher than the mountain. Beautiful landscape, beautiful town, the old, people set, conditional, no conditions to create conditions also need to go up, which brings dazzling opportunities for cultural and creative lighting.

In the past tourist cities, there were no people to stay because there was nothing to see at night. Now we all know: use light to create new value, use light to keep tourists. In addition to large-scale landscape lighting show, more use of local historical and cultural resources. For example, in Xi'an, the fountains under the Dayan Pagoda, and the lights of the "thousand kilometer corridor" in the night city of Tang Dynasty are interspersed with live performances by various bands. There are also cities that make full use of the characteristics of rivers in the city, make great efforts to integrate water and light, what human-computer interaction, what 3D projection, and so on. Even Hebi in Henan Province has created a myth. With the help of the local national optoelectronics and the "Ten Mile cherry blossom", it can be said that the Cherry Blossom Festival is busy with lights. Will tourists leave at night when they come?!

6. All of a sudden, the lights in the classroom burst into flames

This time, Shanghai Institute of quality supervision moved very fast. Whether it was related to the director of Chen Chaozhong, the "light of the times". On December 10, it issued the first certificate of "classroom health lighting environment certification" in China, which aroused a response in the industry and played a role in boosting the momentum. I am deeply impressed that Professor Lin Yandan, Fudan, has written a report to Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as early as a few years ago. Although it has been affirmed that how to attach importance to classroom lighting, it is still a local implementation. What's more, Mr. Guan Baiyu from the Ministry of industry and information technology issued me a standard to recommend T8 and other fluorescent tubes. Of course, this is out of date. Nowadays, there are many standards or norms. It also makes people feel that "who" is more authoritative. Mr. Xiong of lelei said that they have developed for seven or eight years and launched "four low and one high" (low blue light, low glare, low flicker, low harmonic and high protection IP66). Du Dong, the third super band leader, also led the group to recognize the introduction of grid lights, which is also very distinctive. The most impressive thing is that Xiamen lidaxin has been developing classroom lamps since 2014, especially their support for classroom lighting in mountainous schools from the beginning of "charity". There are very high standards at the beginning, for example: the color rendering index is greater than 90, etc. Next year, the market will be very competitive. The cake is so big. Certification is just a signal. Shanghai sent the first one, as if to tell us: the starting gun has been fired. Have you started yet?

7. Philips is no longer interested in war, xinruofei is waiting to take off

Philips has always been resourceful in its work. From March 16, 2018, it announced that Philips changed from blue to green and launched "xinruofei", which is a key step in the plan. Until September 19 this year, the old owner gave up only 10.7% of the shares. Philips and lighting have seen each other forever, just like Xu Zhimo's: "quietly I'm gone, just as I come quietly, I wave my sleeves and don't take a cloud away.". Fortunately, the brand is still there, and the market will still recognize that this is the core. Xinruofei, how high can it fly? This is what the industry is looking forward to. Optical communication lifi is a sign of the new company's "big and big". It will take time to make money. After take-off, the new company just buys. Now that they are talking about light assets, why do they want to take heavy positions? To seize more stable sources of goods? No! What's that for? Sales? No! Who knows? Can bystanders clear it?

8. OSRAM is finally out of hand, and the new group faces challenges

On December 6, OSRAM finally sold the final shares to AMS company. In fact, after the score of OSRAM was released from landvance, it was actually a "yangmou". Most likely, two sales and one sales? How to sell more "profit maximization". Oji and fji go the opposite way. They are very optimistic about the front-end (epitaxial chip) and increase investment in Penang, which is very courageous! Like F company, the brand is still worth thousands of gold. In fact, it is also an open secret. Except for a few "extreme" products, most of them are