The impact of the epidemic on the future of the industry(1)

- Mar 14, 2020-

19 people have been confirmed to have been infected in Osaka music venues in Japan, including 4 people who attended Umeda Mini concerts and performed 3 times for about 180 people. Brett Dean, an Australian composer, was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronal pneumonia virus. He performed in Taipei Concert Hall on February 28 and March 1, including local groups in Taiwan.

It's a pity to find cases of infection in the live performance. At the same time, it reminds us that the theater is a high-risk area for people to gather. Don't let your guard down because of luck. Under the epidemic situation, "cloud theater", "cloud performance", "Cloud Art" and other online performances have become the Countermeasures of many performing arts institutions. Can "online performance" bring some vitality to the performance industry in the epidemic? What kind of impact will they have on the traditional live performance? After the epidemic, where will these "cloud performance" and "Cloud Art" go? These problems caused by new phenomena have also attracted people's attention and thinking.

New changes brought by "cloud technology"

Make production easier

There is no stage lighting, no live audience, no professional recording equipment. The program guests can participate in the program recording at home with a mobile phone. The epidemic has made most of the variety shows unable to be recorded offline, but the "cloud recording system", which was born in the sky, not only saved the emergency like timely rain, but also made many artists and audiences refreshing.

With the "cloud recording" mode, program guests, viewers and program staff can work together in a virtual space to complete the program creation, although they are "different". According to incomplete statistics, after the outbreak of the epidemic, in addition to the above-mentioned two programs, nearly 20 variety shows, such as "see the word as the face", "day up", "I am a big star", "trump to trump", "Hey! What are you doing?" have adopted the "cloud recording" mode. It can be said that in the "cloud" creation has become the main way of variety show production during the anti epidemic period.

Compared with offline recording, the biggest change brought by "cloud recording" is fast and efficient, but "cloud recording" requires high technology, and the cost of remote communication will increase, but it saves the cost of venue and time. As a whole, "cloud recording" greatly reduces the production cost of variety shows.

In addition to variety shows, stage art, concerts and many other art forms, the "cloud creation mode" was also opened during the anti epidemic period. Recently, the actors of Peking Opera "the death of Guangxu" pulled a group and started the video group chat function to rehearse in the group. From two to four or five o'clock in the afternoon, the actors begin to "sit in a cloud row" -- in the group, the director will guide the lines word by word in the group, and the drummer will participate in the recording. Recently, the central axis, a large-scale folk orchestra, also held a remote planning meeting on the Internet. Its music director Ye Xiaogang and other main creators are distributed in Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Beijing and other places, but the discussion on the Internet is very lively, "as soon as it goes online, it starts to work, without any waste of time.".