The impact of the epidemic on the future of the industry

- Mar 14, 2020-

Although the creation in the "cloud" is the helpless act of literary and art institutions and artists, it has to be said that to some extent, it has realized the innovation of literary and art creation process, greatly saved time, improved efficiency, and made art creation more "simple".

Bring art to you

The epidemic "trapped" everyone at home, but art came to us. The progress of technology has lowered the threshold of literary and art creation, publication and dissemination of works, and artistic contact, made literary and art works unprecedented rich, and made the masses enjoy art services unprecedented convenient. Therefore, during this home-based anti epidemic period, everyone can watch movies, exhibitions, plays and music with only one mobile phone. The days are much more interesting.

In response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, museums and art galleries across the country have chosen temporary closure. The "cloud Exhibition" is also developing simultaneously, with more exhibits and richer scenes. For example, the Palace Museum launched "VR Palace", "panoramic Palace" and "cloud" tours to the Palace Museum; Dunhuang Research Institute launched a series of "cloud tours to Dunhuang". "Cloud Exhibition" shows not only the pictures of the collection, but also a new exhibition experience.

Online VR Exhibition

Traditional culture and art, the reason why some minority, to some extent, is due to the limited channels of communication. The emergence of the Internet and cloud technology has opened up unlimited communication space and channels for literary works, thus greatly stimulating the productivity of literature and art. Careful readers will find that after the outbreak of the epidemic, all kinds of anti epidemic themed art works, calligraphy works, paper-cut works, music works, as well as all kinds of poetry, Allegro, short videos, etc. are showing a blowout trend. As long as there is a mobile phone, almost everyone can engage in literary creation and "publish" their own works. However, the quality of these literary and art works does not matter for the time being, but the resulting artistic democracy and the scene of "a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend" are indisputable facts.

Bring new changes to the industryThe epidemic has changed the original development track of many industries, and also made art "climb to the cloud" and shine. After the epidemic, will the art industry rely on the technology empowerment, such as online education, fresh e-commerce, usher in explosive growth? Will the traditional art form and production and creation mode usher in the opportunity of transformation and upgrading?Art and technology are always inseparable and complementary. The involvement of cloud technology will definitely have an impact on art. Taking variety shows as an example, although the form is relatively simple and the recording mode is simple, cloud recording does achieve cross screen interaction and other forms of innovation, providing different choices for the form of literary and art communication. In recent years, the production cost of variety shows remains high, and the market competition is fierce. After the epidemic, will cloud recording or even cloud live broadcasting become a solution for the normalization of program production? At present, it is likely to become a direction for the future development of variety shows. When the network variety show first appeared, "not many people can watch it", but within a few years it competed with the TV variety show. In a few years, why can't cloud variety show have one in three parts of the world in the field of variety show?

And the cloud show. At present, cloud exhibition is just in its infancy. Due to the reasons of technology and copyright, there are still some problems such as unclear picture quality and poor user experience. However, the consensus of the industry is that cloud exhibition will have a great growth space in the future, and it will become an important business segment of art institutions such as museums and art galleries, and even change the existing form of museums and art galleries in the future. As Alexander Koch, a distinguished professor at the school of art management and education of the Central Academy of fine arts, points out, "digital museum is no longer an additional supplement to physical museum, but an independent item in exhibition classification."

As for the stage art, the so-called "cloud creation" is only the use of cloud platform for online communication and exchange by creators. Cloud performance is just putting the recorded works on the cloud platform for everyone to order. With the arrival of 5g era and the growing maturity of AR (augmented reality technology) and VR (Virtual Reality Technology), will people get the same viewing experience as the theater at home in the future? If so, it is bound to change the form of the theater and produce a real "cloud theater".

Can online performance bring new vitality to the industry?The director of poly theatre said: "for the performance organizers, most of the videos we have online are classic and high-quality out of print works, which will not affect the ticket sales of the currently touring plays, but also play a promotional role in the brand and public praise of the performance organizers. As for the art performance lovers who can't normally watch the performance due to the impact of the epidemic situation, or because of the economic situation, the city where they live, the traffic situation and other reasons, and who have not formed the habit of watching the performance before, "cloud theater" is a very suitable way for them to watch the performance, and will also cultivate and attract new audiences to enter the theater to watch the live performance in the future. "


On the whole, on the one hand, the Internet era needs the culture and art industry to follow the changes of the times. In addition to the theme and form of works, it also needs to develop a variety of ways of expression. Online performance can form a good complement with live performance. The online performance method breaks through the limitation of the previous live capacity, greatly improves the coverage, wider range of communication, and greatly improves the capacity and possibility of traffic accumulation. The audience can also initiate real-time discussion and interaction through the live platform. In Europe and the United States, where theater art is more developed, online performance watching Internet products are relatively mature, and many performance projects have realized paid viewing.

However, on the other hand, the popularization of theater art in China is still in its infancy, the audience base of cultural performance market is still weak, and the level and quality of some performances need to be improved, so the actual conversion rate of performance resources to network profits is not high at present. During the epidemic period, most of the online performances are public welfare activities. The significance and value of online performance are more reflected in social benefits, but lack of means to obtain direct economic benefits. So after the epidemic, where these online performances will go is still unknown.