The role of the fog machine

- Nov 19, 2019-

The smoke effect of the stage needs to be manipulated and designed. If you want to have good results, you should understand the entire performance site, taking into account the reasonable conversion of time and space, adjust the dry ice machine to the right position and control it. The amount of dry ice, of course, in order to make the smoke out better, you can use some stage lighting, strobe lights, laser lights are all possible, in order to achieve the harmonious unity of the character stage, dry ice is also a certain number of requirements, This will allow you to better display the theme.

In the past two decades, with the rapid development of stage lighting to high-tech lamps such as computer lights, the demand for smoke on the stage has become more and more intense, especially in song and dance performances. The fog machine can refract the light beam emitted by the luminaire, highlight the performance atmosphere and enhance the visual effect. It is a standing product of the stage lighting equipment. However, the lighting designer group may not focus on the type, structure and effect of the fog machine. In the past, the means of making smoke were backward methods such as tobacco cake, ammonium chloride, and soot. These chemical products have obvious irritating odors, are harmful to the human body, and seriously erode the lamps. Today, when environmental protection is important and the performance equipment is sophisticated and expensive, such methods have been banned. Instead, various smoke machines are used to quickly and easily produce environmentally friendly smoke that is harmless to people and lamps. To produce the ideal smoke effect on the stage, mastering the skills of using a fog machine is critical.

Use of heating pack smoke machine

 If you use the traditional * generation heating pack type smoke machine, in addition to doing explosions, etc., the large amount of smoke in normal use is very destructive effect and mood, you need to adjust the output to a small, about 15% Slowly release, and then use a fan to blow off the smoke to get better results.


Heating tube smoke machine tip 

When using a second-generation heated tube fume machine, two of the usual theaters are required. If only one unit is used, there will be a situation where the smoke is deflected. The smoke emitted by the smoke machine will generally spread at a horizontal angle of about 40°: one on the field door, and the place where the smoke effect is good is near the next door; Place one on each of the next doors to fill the entire stage with even smoke.

 Since the second-generation fog machine is heated by a new type of heating tube, the smoke machine can work without interruption during the output of the smoke, and the temperature of the heating tube is controlled*, and the temperature of the generated smoke is low. Therefore, a new method of dry ice smoke effect can be derived: a certain amount of dry ice cubes are inserted into a special aluminum foil tube, and the tube is connected at the machine outlet; the amount of smoke is turned on and the air volume is output, so There will be dry ice smoke from the other end of the pipe, the smoke close to the ground to cover the entire stage, see the picture below.

Effect of dry ice smoke produced by smoke machine

In fact, the smoke is still produced by the smoke machine. When the smoke passes through the whole pipeline, it is cooled by the dry ice in the pipeline and becomes cold smoke. The ejected pipe enters the air, because it is denser than the air, so the smoke will be close to the ground and diffuse. The duration of this effect depends on the melting speed of dry ice. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 3-4 hours for 8 kg dry ice to melt. Therefore, the dry ice effect of this working principle can be continuously sprayed for 3 to 4 hours. The control of ground smoke volume is controlled by the air volume and smoke volume buttons of the smoke machine. It is convenient and quick to close and open at any time. After the smoke was released, there was no water on the stage floor. The traditional dry ice bucket with boiling water can only release dry ice in the first 90 seconds in one program, and the water temperature will be cooled by dry ice. If the second program also releases dry ice, there is nothing to do. In contrast, this new technology and method is much more convenient, and the cost has not increased greatly. Take off the pipe. It's still a smoke machine. It's dual-purpose. The heating pipe temperature control technology of the heating pipe type smoke machine is well done, which can make the heating temperature stable. In some multimedia dramas, when you need to release fragrance, you can also use this kind of machine to release fragrance. When used, pour the essence directly into the smoke oil. Because it is not a high temperature heating bag, after mixing the essence and smoke oil, it will still be released from the original fragrance without any burnt smell.


Using skill of compressor siphon smoke machine

If the compressor siphon type smoke machine is used, because it takes the machine itself as the center point, it diffuses the mist 360 ° around. If it is used in the theater, when it is placed at the upper and lower gate, half of the smoke will diffuse towards the sub stage of the stage, affecting the utilization rate of smoke oil. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with a fan to guide the smoke and push the smoke to the stage area.


What's the smell of smoke

Why does the smoke from the smoke machine sometimes stink? This problem is related to the heating package. When the smoke machine is used to shut down once, the smoke oil in the pipeline will remain, and then the residual heat will evaporate the water, and there will be residual chemical components in the pipeline; when the smoke machine is used again after a period of time, it is equivalent to using the high temperature of the heating bag to bake the remaining chemical residues in the last use. So the smell came out. This kind of stink seldom appears in the second generation of heating tube type smoke machine. Because the temperature of the heating tube smog machine is well controlled, even if the machine is shut down, the inside of the heating tube will not dry; some more * heating tube smog machines also add the function of emptying the pipeline. Set the program of 300 s before shutdown and then drain the pipeline to shut down, so that there will be no stink of smoke.

Stage performance has strict requirements on the artistic effect of smoke. As a professional stage equipment, the smoke machine must also reach certain technical indicators before it can be used for performance. But unfortunately, the smoke machines used by many theatres in China can not meet the performance requirements. According to the analysis, there are three main reasons: first, the smoke machine is not purchased in the market, but is provided by the computer lamp manufacturer when purchasing the computer lamp; second, when the owner bids for the performance equipment, the requirements for the performance indicators of the smoke machine are too vague, for example, only one power number and signal control mode are required, and as a result, the low-cost competitive bidding company uses the low-quality smoke machine without brand The third is that the smoke machine is purchased by the purchasing department who does not understand the specialty, and the goods are not in the right way. Only when the theater group takes the smoke machine as an important stage equipment and purchases it through separate bidding and strictly guarantees the quality of the equipment, can the lighting designer really use good products to better guarantee the performance effect.