- Mar 28, 2020-

The difference of materials and manufacturing process used for loudspeakers will have an impact on the sound quality. In contrast, the quality of loudspeakers is the key. The final driver is the loudspeakers. All the sound comes from this. If the sound produced by the loudspeakers is not ideal, then how to modify and supplement the loudspeakers will not play a significant role.

Paper tray diaphragm

This is the most common diaphragm material for loudspeakers. It has a very mature technical level for a long time. The paper pulp is poured into the designed mold, dried and then processed in a series of subsequent processes, forming our common horn unit diaphragm. This is just a basic process description. As for the proportion of ingredients and processing methods of materials, each brand has its own secret collection, which is also a business secret to maintain its livelihood.

The sound characteristics of the paper basin are relatively smooth and natural, which is in line with the taste of most people. There is no exciting part with distinct personality in the sound. Due to the interweaving of the internal fibers, the energy in the transmission process can be absorbed quickly, so the damping characteristics of the paper basin are also ideal. In addition, due to the light weight of the paper basin, the energy conversion efficiency also has a good performance, these are the advantages of the paper basin.

However, the disadvantages of the paper basin are also obvious. First of all, due to the characteristics of the material, the paper basin is sensitive to the changes of temperature and humidity, and the environmental changes may affect the sound. After enduring these extreme environmental changes for several times, it may cause irrecoverable deformation of the paper basin. However, the current paper basin technology is also constantly developing. By adding other materials, the paper basin can have better performance in water resistance.

Plastic diaphragm

This is also one of the common sound basin materials. With the development of chemical industry, synthetic materials have appeared in all aspects of life. The plastic material in the unit diaphragm is generally made of polypropylene material, which is called PP sound basin for short. Compared with paper basin, PP sound basin has many advantages in moisture-proof and waterproof effect, but it will also be slightly affected.

Because it is a synthetic material, there are many improvement plans for PP sound basin. On the basis of the existing, it can be improved to overcome some shortcomings. It can be realized by adding other materials, which is an ideal aspect of PP sound basin. Therefore, there are also excellent works for speakers using PP sound basin.

PP sound basin also has excellent damping characteristics, which makes it soft and natural to listen to. In addition, PP sound basin generally does not need a high-order frequency divider, which can also control the production cost of speakers as a whole. On the other hand, the rigidity of PP basin is relatively general, and the music with rich high frequency is not suitable, which is prone to distortion.

Metal diaphragm

Due to the existence of many precious metals, people may have a kind of worship for metals. From the perspective of products that can be contacted at present, general metal materials give a sense of noble style and loud personality. In fact, in the production of speaker units, metal diaphragm is also common, and its sound features are distinct.

Metal diaphragm is generally made of aluminum or its alloy material, which is relatively stable and light compared with other metals. The metal diaphragm is very rigid, so it has outstanding performance in dynamic and analytical force, and can control distortion well. However, we often say that the "metallic sound" is produced by the basin splitting phenomenon at the high frequency end, which is also a disadvantage of the metallic diaphragm.

Compared with other non-metallic diaphragm, the metal diaphragm is relatively heavy, and the damping characteristics are not good, so it is not easy to drive and control the unit, which requires more design in the circuit of the speaker, and the cost will also be increased. At present, the problem of "metal sound" is also raised by using special coating on the surface of the diaphragm.

Synthetic fiber diaphragm

Synthetic fiber diaphragm may be able to find all kinds of diaphragm materials with excellent characteristics. This material is transplanted from aviation military materials, with high strength and rigidity, and its own weight is light. These advantages are very suitable for unit diaphragm. Due to the high cost of manufacture, this kind of diaphragm is usually seen in advanced loudspeakers.

On the one hand, the cost of synthetic fiber is not perfect. On the other hand, in terms of damping characteristics, the synthetic fiber diaphragm still needs to be strengthened. At present, the treatment methods such as interlayer or coating are still preferred, but the process requirements are particularly high, and the cost is also rising