The UK rescue the performing industry

- Jul 10, 2020-

The British government said in a statement that the total amount of the rescue plan is 1.57 billion pounds (about 1.96 billion dollars), which is the largest amount of money the country has invested in the cultural industry so far. These funds will be distributed to museums, cultural heritage sites, galleries, theaters, independent cinemas, music performance venues and related enterprises in the form of grants and loans respectively.

Britain and England entered a new phase of "unsealing" on the 4th. Pubs, restaurants, barbershops and other places can resume business, and museums, libraries and galleries can also be reopened on the same day. These sites have been closed for more than three months due to the implementation of a national "blockade" in late March.As for when the venue will resume business, Oliver Dowden, Minister of digital, culture, media and sports, said on the 6th that it is still unknown.In the past three months, some performance venues or enterprises in the UK have closed down because they can't perform. About 1500 performers, including the rolling stones, last week called on the British government to help the music industry.


Royal Albert Hall, a London based venue, said last month that its cash might only last until early 2021. "For us, it's absolutely life-saving money," said Craig Hassall, chief executive of Royal Albert Hall, which welcomed the government's rescue plan.The first thing we have to worry about is that we won't be able to express our concern about the future of the venues,Many places have issued measures to support the recovery of the performance industry,Novel coronavirus is the focus of our attention. From the municipal government to the central government, the government has expressed concern about the performance industry in the aspects of the prevention and control mechanism and the allocation of medical resources. It has also given some subsidies to the performing companies, theaters, theaters and other performing enterprises and related platforms in the field of cultural consumption, to a certain extent, alleviating the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It can not be ignored to boost the confidence of the performance industry and maintain a stable and healthy development.

Haidian, Beijing

On June 22, Haidian officially issued the notice on the collection of Haidian cultural support projects, which started the collection of digital culture industry, epidemic response, cultural products and other supporting projects in 2020.

In order to help enterprises overcome the difficulties of the epidemic situation, the focus of the epidemic response is to subsidize the cultural industry parks that reduce the rent of small and medium-sized cultural enterprises during the epidemic period, with a maximum subsidy of 500000 yuan. Subsidies will be given to cultural industries that have a greater impact on the epidemic, including cinemas closed during the epidemic period, major distributors who fail to release films as scheduled, producers who delay filming and production of films, cultural space for cancelling performances or exhibition activities, and art performing units that cancel performances and activities, with a maximum subsidy of 200000 yuan.

Yueqing, Zhejiang

On June 2, Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, issued a notice saying that in order to support the city's cultural enterprises to actively carry out epidemic prevention and control, orderly promote the resumption of work and production, and achieve stable and healthy development, the city adjusted and optimized the special funds for the development of provincial cultural industry in 2020, and extracted several measures

1. Develop new formats of digital culture. Cultural enterprises are encouraged to research and develop or promote the application of new business forms and new models such as online education, online office, digital entertainment and digital life, and the additional cost of more than 100000 yuan is increased in the process of transferring offline business to online business and expanding online business, according to the measures for the management of special funds for the development of cultural industry in Yueqing City (Lechang [2019] No. 143)“ Within the scope of "cultural and creative integration development subsidy", a one-time subsidy of 30% of the additional cost will be given, with a maximum of 500000 yuan.

2. Rent reduction and subsidy for Cultural Industry Park (block). Encourage the operating organizations of Yueqing Cultural Industry Park (block) above municipal level to reduce rent for the settled cultural enterprises, and give 25% of the actual rent reduction (tentatively not more than 3 months in 2020) and no more than 300000 yuan. The independent accounting unit shall prevail for the business organization in the cultural industry block.

3. The social insurance premium that the enterprise should pay will be reduced and remitted periodically. The basic endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance of cultural enterprises are exempted from February to June, and the basic medical insurance is collected by half from February to June. Before the end of June, enterprises can apply for delaying the payment of housing provident fund. During this period, there will be no overdue treatment for the provident fund loans that employees fail to repay normally due to the impact of the epidemic. In the follow-up, the relevant national policies will be adjusted accordingly.

4. Subsidy for epidemic prevention and killing expenses. Cultural service enterprises, in order to promote the resumption of work and production, take necessary measures of epidemic prevention and elimination within the scope of the enterprise. If the purchase of masks, disinfectants, sterilization equipment and other materials exceeds 20000 yuan, a one-time subsidy of 50% of the purchase cost will be given, with a maximum of 200000 yuan.