Theater alliance brings new development

- Dec 21, 2019-

Multiple theater groups established

After the country started to promote the development of cultural industry, theater groups and theater alliances continued to be established all over the country. The theatre group that has attracted more attention is the "performing arts world" in Shanghai, which is positioned as a theatre group with large scale and high density in China. The area around people's square covers an area of 1.5 square kilometers, with 21 theatres and exhibition spaces in normal operation, which is known as the next "Broadway in New York" and "west end of London".

Qinhuai River side small theater group is also attracting attention. According to the relevant person in charge of Qinhuai District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Qinhuai small theater group project includes about 30 small theatres, which are mainly concentrated in two areas, one is Confucius Temple and along Qinhuai River, the other is Xinjiekou and South Taiping Road, which gradually makes the performance scale and normalization. The whole Qinhuai riverside small theater group is expected to be completed in 2021.

In recent years, the northern theater alliance, the western performance alliance, the Yangtze River Delta performance alliance, the eastern theater alliance, the Pearl River Delta performance alliance and other organizations have been established. In recent two months, the Jiangxi Province performance theater alliance and the Shanxi performance theater alliance have also been established. It can be seen that in recent years, theater resources across the country are being integrated to explore the establishment of performance alliances and improve the overall performance of the theater Class.

Advantages of theater group

The major advantages of theater group and theater alliance lie in the integration of resources, overall management and promotion of creation. 

Over the years, compared with the national investment in theater construction and creation of high-quality plays, the investment in the marketing and promotion of stage products is slightly weak. The form of theater alliance enriches the way of undertaking projects in the performance market and makes the performance channels more smooth. The establishment of theater alliance is conducive to improving the bargaining power of performance projects, attracting domestic and foreign performers with large-scale advantages, reducing costs and increasing the number of performances by means of centralized procurement and unified publicity, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing ticket prices and benefiting the people through culture. In addition, it can expand performance space, optimize performance environment, integrate superior resources, and realize resource sharing, so that more excellent stage art works can approach ordinary people through national tour.

Through the close cooperation among the members of the alliance, the operation ability of the theatre can be improved, the traditional market operation mode of single fight can be broken through, the cost of performance can be reduced, the audience can be attracted to the theatre to watch the performance, and the box office revenue of the theatre can be greatly improved. Through effective integration and packaging, the formation of an overall publicity offensive is not only conducive to the establishment of the brand image of the theatre, but also conducive to the self-discipline of the industry, the cohesion of all aspects of the social forces, the rectification of the performance order, vicious competition, and further promoting the prosperity and development of the performance market.

Opportunities for audio-visual industry

Building a theater group and establishing a theater alliance means that there are more new plans for theater transformation and new construction; reducing the cost of publicity and purchase of plays and increasing the number of performances means that more excellent plays will be listed in the theater, which will make the market more prosperous. The prosperity of the market can greatly stimulate the market demand of audio-visual industry, which is an opportunity for equipment manufacturers, engineering companies and even leasing companies.

Equipment manufacturer

Whether there is a new theater construction plan, or theater equipment update, or more theater performances, all need professional equipment support. However, the requirements of theater for equipment are very high and professional. From the safety, matching and effect of the system to the difficulty of operation and installation are the actual needs of users. Especially for larger plays, not only the fixed equipment of the theater, but also the additional performance equipment is needed. Sometimes the director pursues better on-site effect and artistry, and has more personalized needs.

It's not empty talk to think what the customers think. To achieve products and services beyond the expectations of customers is the direction of equipment manufacturers' efforts. The equipment and system required by the theater may have many different needs according to different plays. If the applicability of the product is strong, it can meet or even exceed the requirements of users in different occasions, and the competitiveness will naturally be greater.

But don't let the system become mediocre because of the "multi-functional" feature. When I communicate with the lighting and acoustics engineers of the digital tycoons, they will reflect that the effect that the director needs to present is * goal. Some equipment can be applied to multiple occasions, but all of them can't reach *, which naturally can't meet the requirements of the director. It's better to let the product focus on a certain field, whether it is theater specific or performance Dedicated, outdoor or indoor, to do a good job in the quality of products in a certain field and strengthen, can also enhance the competitiveness of products.


Now many engineering companies are gradually upgrading to system integrators, which will have more advantages in theater projects. The construction of the new theater originally needs the cooperation of many parties. The installation, debugging and maintenance of the audio-visual system originally belong to one of the subprojects. If only one subproject needs Party A to connect with the audio system, the lighting system, the stage machinery, the theater sound and so on, it will only increase the cost of Party A's personnel. If you can be competent from the design of the system to the installation and debugging, it will be easier to get the opportunity.

No matter when, professional technology is the foundation of the engineering or system integrator. What Party A wants is a professional theater. The audio-visual system is one of the cores. What the engineering company can impress party a must be professional technology. The qualification in other fields is only a bonus. Therefore, don't put the cart before the horse, focus on improving technology, and strengthen service awareness, so as to make yourself more advantageous in the market.


Although theatres and theaters will have fixed installations, it is common to need additional equipment for special plays or performances. Driven by the theater alliance, the number of plays is increasing, the market is becoming more and more prosperous, and the leaseholders will naturally have more opportunities.

As a professional performance equipment renter, a complete set of equipment and a certain system equipment debugging technology is very important. Under the condition that the market is not very standardized, most of the time, the renter also needs to be the technical support of the performance equipment, and may even need to be a guest light or sound engineer. The author of course advocates professional people to do professional things, but the market environment is like this. While providing equipment, it will not be a bad thing to learn more about audio and lighting technology.

It is an opportunity for people in the audio-visual and video industry to create theater groups to drive market demand and establish theater alliance to make the market more prosperous. In fact, the market volume has been increasing, but more and more people enter the market, leading to more and more fierce competition. In order to occupy a place in the fierce market competition, we need to focus more on the advantageous fields, give full play to the advantages to *, and take a more open attitude towards resource integration, upgrading and transformation to meet the opportunities and challenges of the new era