Use up, burn your calories

- Aug 22, 2020-

After a long epidemic, many people complained that they were not only sticking fat, but also had a serious weight gain. Beauty lovers and fitness enthusiasts who have requirements for body shape have begun to haunt fitness centers again, sweating profusely.

Of course, today's gymnasium is not only staying in the pure equipment fitness, but also extremely particular about the lighting design. In order to attract more young people, it is the pursuit of creative innovation, aesthetic breakthrough.

A gymnasium with excellent lighting effect can not only relax people's body and mind during exercise, but also create indoor style, which makes people feel tired and tired when they are in it.

In this issue, let's take a look at how these gyms use lighting to become dynamic and even thematic.

Want to enjoy the dynamic of the car while keeping fit? Want to exercise at the same time, also have speed and passion experience? Superforce crossfit, a gymnasium in Porto Alegre, Brazil, can satisfy this idea.

This gymnasium is rebuilt from the former site of a car studio. It is also a sports college dedicated to promoting physical and mental health through high-intensity functional exercise. With the theme of automobile, it can give you a pleasant physical and mental exercise experience.

Red small track, integrated with the design concept of car track, not only simple and fashionable, but also give you a sense of speed. Besides, beside the runway, both the walls and the pillars show the sense of lines.

In order to echo the interior space effect, the design team installed several groups of red pipes on the bare ceiling, and connected each group of pipes with LED light strips. These light bands are staggered, when the light is blooming, it is like lightning, giving people cool magic.

Next to the track, there is an iron frame for rope climbing training. In this area, the spatial color collocation with black as the main part and red as the auxiliary is used to show the coherence and integrity of the space.

640 (2).jpg

The physical training area of superforce crossfit is quite spacious and can be used to sweat. In addition, the team installed several large windows. In the daytime, its daylighting is excellent, so that the sun can penetrate through without shelter.

In the evening, several spotlights installed on the red iron frame of the ceiling emit light from different angles. And, the illuminance of these spotlights is strong, let a person in the night movement, also can coruscate the spirit.

360se_picture (2).jpg

This superforce crossfit gym is car themed, with simple and fashionable lighting design, which makes you feel the surging and dynamic of the car when you exercise.

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In Japan, there is a chain fitness center integrating hot yoga, fitness, Pilates and pressure training, which is called caldo. Caldo, located in Kawasaki City, attracts every gymnast with its young and unique interior design and lighting effect.

This caldo health dance room is very simple. On the palm teak floor, it is divided by several white lines. In the front of the area, the mirror is used as the wall, which not only inherits the consistent style of the health dance room, but also adds a sense of space.

On the black ceiling, there are four rows of downlights. They emit a pure white light, in the black background, like the stars in the sky, bring a trace of romance to this area.

640 (4).jpg

Come to this equipment fitness area, the sense of fashion may impact your visual nerve. Black ceiling, orange wall with high purity and white floor, the color collision produced by the three color blocks shows the personality of modern life.

Designers are also very creative, in order to encourage people to exercise, but also hanging on the ceiling of many pairs of sports shoes. These sports shoes are arranged regularly to remind people of the footprints of the starting step, so as to improve your sports enthusiasm.

In terms of lighting design, the designer still chooses the positive white light source; the flat lamp on the ceiling irradiates at a vertical angle, which makes the sportsman energetic; the spotlight beside the orange wall, whose light hits the wall, has an excellent effect of washing the wall and deepens the sense of fashion art.

360se_picture (4).jpg

Caldo also has a leisure area, wooden hard clothing and white color matching, give people a comfortable, relaxed feeling after sports. On the ceiling, a chandelier is installed.

This kind of chandelier has several lamp caps suspended by light line. After several processes, these glass lamp caps present a conical structure with strong light transmission. The light emitted together with the downlights around them can coordinate with each other, making the area bright and harmonious in light and color.

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