What should the tuner do if he accidentally presses the power switch on the site of the event

- Sep 30, 2020-

Day let the small braid to take you close to these people pinch sweat "anxious moment", as a professional, if the scene of the emergency is you, what do you think to do?

Accidentally touch the power switch, anxious!

The most important thing on the performance site is the power supply problem. Imagine if you suddenly run out of power in the middle of the performance, would it be a collapse?

The tuner in the video accidentally went to the power switch at the scene of the event. He looked embarrassed and afraid to be found, which made people laugh and cry.

The "accidental operation" of the tuner really makes people sweat.

"Interrupted" the president's speech, afraid!

Putin attended the 10th anniversary of the founding of Russia's International Olympic University, but he was "interrupted" by the staff when he spoke. It turned out that the microphone did not speak at all. But soon the microphone was fixed and Putin had to repeat his speech.

Russia's famous TV host Olga skabayevva joked about the incident that the sound engineer in charge of the on-site technical work nervously "turned white". However, she added that the silence of the microphone was "quite common".

While speaking, Putin calmly grinned and spread out his hand. He did not know whether the sound engineer under the stage was shivering.

When you meet an artist who doesn't cooperate, you want to fight!

On July 25th, the hot variety show "the band's summer" started a heated discussion, in which five members of the band temporarily changed songs, which was the top hot search.

I remember that when the prelude of "daoshan pretty boy" was played by five people, the first person who broke down was the stage lighting engineer. "At that time, the whole broadcasting station could hear the lamplight teacher shouting dirty words and scolding his mother

She explained that it took a lot of time for the lighting engineer to design a set of stage lighting effects. As a result, five people changed their songs on the spot, which meant that the previous work had been completely overturned, so only one big yellow light was fixed there when they performed.

"After that, before all the bands performed, our lighting teacher was afraid to change songs again, and even wanted to arrange the lighting effect of two songs."