Why intelligent lighting popular in the market 1

- Mar 20, 2020-

As the penetration rate of LED lighting products continues to grow, the consumer market presents the trend of excessive competition, which also drives the development of LED lighting towards low price. In 2018 lighting level packaging and LED lighting market outlook, the lighting market will be toward intelligent lighting, niche lighting, lighting development in emerging countries, among which intelligent lighting market has the greatest potential.

Because, even if there are led lighting lamps with high color rendering index (CRI) more than 90 on the market, but limited by the very expensive price and the general consumers can not feel the characteristics of the lamps, at present, Taiban is applied in the high-level commercial lighting market which is more picky about color reduction and light quality, such as museum lighting, retail lighting, food lighting, etc.Therefore, the International Lighting Factory began to integrate the Internet of things technology and sensors into the lighting system to form an intelligent system, which can be controlled according to the preferences of consumers and develop towards system integration and light environment design. For example, Philips launched citytouch urban street lamp system, Ge intelligent street lamp lightgrid system and predix cloud platform, etc. to further provide intelligent management services for road lighting and assist in the implementation of energy management policies promoted by various countries.

Huang Mengjiao, an industry analyst at the center for industrial economy and Trend Research of the Institute of industry and research, said that intelligent street lights have become an important topic of concern for advanced countries. In a narrow sense, intelligent street lights refer to the application of intelligent lighting management to make road lighting conform to various conditions and situations, such as time, weather, traffic flow, etc., in order to achieve cost and energy saving goals.

We are optimistic about the huge business opportunities of smart cities. The smart road lighting solutions launched by GE are mainly to provide feasible solutions for major cities through the strength of the group. Because the new generation of intelligent lighting system in the use of LED lamps, but also to integrate computing technology, wireless communication technology, automatic control technology, database and other modules, in order to meet the application needs of different cities.

The lightgrid system and predix cloud platform launched by GE take the city street lamp as the port of the Internet of things, embed sensors and camera lens and connect to the Internet, and then collect data information of vehicles and pedestrians on the road, so as to optimize the road traffic conditions, provide convenient services for the public, and improve energy efficiency.

Among them, lightgrid integrates many breakthrough functions, such as measurement, energy management, central wireless control, brightness control, data collection and communication, and security, which are all indispensable and important functions for smart energy management at present. Currently, lightgrid is being piloted in Santiago, Tianjin, Sydney and other cities.

In the case of San Diego, US, with a population of 1.35 million, the introduction of Ge dreamstm post top lamps with lightgridtm outdoor wireless control system, deployment of up to 4000 smart street lamps, and estimated annual savings of up to $250000. Because Ge lamps have GPS positioning technology and sensing components, managers can accurately calculate the energy use of each street lamp, especially in the future, they can further collect multiple data and adjust the energy conservation policy according to the actual use.

Another case worthy of attention is Lawson, the second largest convenience store manufacturer in Japan, which started to introduce the intelligent power saving control system, ECHONET Lite, into its convenience stores in 2017, so as to reduce the consumption of natural energy. Among them, the intelligent skylight, which can be matched with LED lighting system, can automatically judge the amount of sunlight through the light sensor and control the LED lighting system, which is expected to become a reference example for commercial intelligent lighting.