Will night tours be the next outlet for tourism

- Jul 17, 2020-

If we say that the investment outlet of the above types of tourism products has passed, what is the investment outlet of the next tourism project? Guangyu digital believes that it should be a night tour project: enhance the night view of the tourist destination with "natural landscape + projection lighting art + cultural characteristics", create a new business card of the tourist destination, attract and retain the flow of people through the night view, thoroughly ignite the local passion, stimulate the comprehensive consumption of food, accommodation, play, entertainment and travel of tourists, and truly form a global and all-weather tourism atmosphere.

Since ancient times, the bright lights and beautiful scenery are more attractive than in the daytime. Under the background of the accelerating pace of people's life, night consumption habits have been formed and gradually occupy a dominant position, especially in the hot summer. In the process of travel, the consumption habits of tourists are also the same. During the day, the scenic spot is like a casual tour, which is in a hurry and impatience. The environment at night is more comfortable, and people are more likely to enter the state of leisure tourism experience.

From the psychological point of view, the human brain is in the state of "thinking center" activity weakening at night, producing "restless" factors, which are easy to be dominated by emotions, and night tourism products are more likely to trigger emotional resonance of tourists. These "restless" factors are the best entry point for night marketing of tourism destinations. According to statistics, the contribution of per capita tourism consumption is at least three times that of daytime consumption.In the future development and construction of tourist attractions, the core element of competition will be how to create a multi-dimensional tourism experience space. The biggest advantage of night tourism project is to create the landscape effect of the scenic spot. Through various rendering techniques such as lighting, setting scenery, holographic multimedia, etc., it can create a multi-dimensional scene environment for tourists, so that tourists can have a multi-dimensional immersive experience space in the process of tourism experience.