Analysis Of The Difference Between Digital Power Amplifier And Analog Power Amplifier

- Nov 13, 2020-


Difference 1: the sound quality varies with the equipment level

In the high-level equipment, the use of analog, such as radio, television mixer, and advertising equipment, as well as the record company used to record as a CD master tape with open disc recorder, etc. are simulated. All in all, at present, the sound quality of analog is better than that of digital. But the digital point can not be ignored, for example, we often use MP3 player is digital power amplifier.

Difference 2: digital power amplifier has high fidelity, and the sound quality is close to the original tone

The fidelity of digital power amplifier is relatively high, that is to say, the sound quality of sound source is good, and the sound quality of restored sound is good. The output sound of analog power amplifier is modified according to the needs of the listener, which is somewhat different from the original sound source. Therefore, the digital power amplifier should have better telepresence and sound quality closer to the original sound.

Difference 3: digital power amplifier sound quality is clear, analog power amplifier sound quality is comfortable

The sound of digital power amplifier is accurate and clear, and the sound of analog power amplifier is more comfortable. If it's a home theater or something, you can use digital power amplifier. If you want to enjoy music quietly, analog amplifier is recommended; if you want to enjoy music clearly, digital amplifier is recommended.


Difference 4: sound image positioning

For analog power amplifier, there is phase difference between the output signal and the input signal, and the phase distortion is different when the output power is different. The digital power amplifier uses digital signal amplification to make the phase of output signal and input signal completely consistent, and the phase shift is zero, so the sound image positioning is accurate.

Difference 5: distortion of sound quality

The zero crossing distortion of analog class B power amplifier is caused by the non-linear characteristics of transistors at low current. The digital power amplifier only works in the on-off state and will not produce crossover distortion.