Canyon Sound Field Technology Makes Earphones More Stereoscopic

- Sep 30, 2020-

Earphone sound field:

Sound field refers to the area formed by the coverage of sound. For example, if you listen to a concert, the sound produced by the concert will contain you as a whole. You will find that the sound comes from all around you. This is actually the sound field, which is three-dimensional.

According to acoustic theory, human ears locate a sound by the time difference between the sound and the left and right ears and the difference in loudness (volume). But in the case of a certain setting (time difference is determined), the difference between different earphones is only loudness difference. The low frequency is fuzzy, the middle frequency is accurate, and the high frequency is in the middle position.

It is the frequency response of the earphone that determines the positioning. Accurate sound field positioning is also related to the coordination of the three frequency bands.

The human ear is sensitive to different frequencies of sound, and around 7000hz is the most sensitive, while the extremely high frequency (above 12000hz) and the extremely low frequency (150Hz) sound have no directivity or very weak directivity, such as thunder (low frequency) and some current noise (high frequency). It is difficult for the human ear to distinguish the sound source orientation, and the low-frequency delay is a key quality for the field sense experience.

Frequency PS:

60Hz is the heavy bass, which is the framework of music; 230hz is the sub bass, which can enhance the listening feeling similar to the bass, which is helpful to the upper frequency band; 910hz is the mid tone, basically the human voice is concentrated in this frequency band; 4kHz can enhance the melody of the music; 14khz is the concentrated area of the high tone details of the music, and together with 4kHz can appropriately enhance the stereo effect.