Competition Among Four Satellite TV Stations In The Double 11 Evening Party

- Nov 13, 2020-

Oriental satellite TV × Zhejiang satellite TV × tmall double 11 carnival night

In 2020, tmall's double 11 carnival night, with the theme of "supporting you and enjoying the Carnival" as the theme, landed in Shanghai Mercedes Benz cultural center on the evening of November 10. Meanwhile, it was broadcast live on Youku, Taobao, Oriental satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

In order to expand the opening ceremony to meet the overall presentation of the main stage and the live room, the scene was designed as a three-layer steel frame structure. The round main stage was surrounded by 17 live broadcasting rooms and audience seats. This design makes the studio instantly expand to at least 5000 square meters. In this huge space, more than 140 D & B audiotechnik loudspeakers were used in the party's sound reinforcement system, including the flagship large-scale performance line array for the main amplifier and the KSL system with full band pointing control.

The power supply of each group of L20 is only connected to the power supply of the main side of ks20. In addition to meeting the requirements of ultra-high sound pressure level on site, the height of audience coverage area should also be considered. Therefore, the high-rise left and right delay compensation array is designed and deployed in the sound field, which is composed of four groups of suspended four ksl8 and sixteen ksl12.

The D & B digital power amplifier D80 is installed by hanging

How can l-acoustics and digico be absent at this time of national carnival? In the 2-string array loudspeaker of main expansion, each string is loaded with 6 K1 and 4 K2 respectively. To provide a clear and powerful voice to the scene, its excellent projection ability can also accurately cover the entire studio. Both the studio and the audience can receive sufficient sound energy and enjoy the sound experience of "1680 handshake". K2 hanging accessories are compatible with K1, and the "lightning" installation mode greatly reduces the work of field technicians.

K1 and K2

In addition, 12 sb28 ultra low frequency loudspeakers are used to extend the low frequency limit. Four kudos are added to make the sound "360 no dead corner" to cover the whole studio perfectly.

Sb28 and Kudo

mixerIn the part of mixer, PA mixer uses digico SD5, which has strong processing capacity and stable system. Both monitor console and ob adopt SD7 quantum. In the face of such large-scale live programs with complex process and various channels, SD7 quantum highlights its advantages.