Do Well In Epidemic Prevention

- Mar 21, 2020-

Although the number of newly confirmed cases in South Korea has been less than 100 for three consecutive days since the 15th, the risk of large-scale collective infection has not been completely excluded. In particular, recently, there have been a number of collective infections in Seoul and Gyeonggi province.But there are still many areas in South Korea that have begun to relax their vigilance. Even in Seoul, nightclubs are full every day, and a large number of young people are reveling in crowded nightclubs without masks.

Nightclubs and bars are open as usual

Risk free indoor Carnival without masks

According to South Korean media reported on March 16, the media visited Seoul's Letai yard area at 2 a.m. on the weekend, which is the most crowded nightclub area and the most popular area for evening entertainment. Despite the serious epidemic situation in South Korea, it did not prevent the popularity of the area from exploding every day. In the evening, there was a long queue at the subway entrance.

Singapore's largest nightclub announced it would be closed

Compared with the practices of some South Korean nightclubs mentioned above, the practices of marquee nightclub, the largest nightclub in Singapore, are worth learning.

Marquee nightclub said in a post on social media Facebook last night (13) that the government announced new anti epidemic guidelines and proposed to postpone or cancel all cultural, artistic, sports and entertainment ticket sales activities attended by more than 250 people. In view of this, marquee decided to suspend business until further notice in order to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

Customers who have already bought pre-sale tickets for the nightclub show will be refunded in full, the Post said. When Singapore's epidemic prevention is in progress, it is forbidden for cruise ships to stop in Singapore, upgrade entry control and restrict gathering activities.

In another earlier post, marquee announced the cancellation of an electronic music DJ laidback Luke. The DJ from the United States originally performed in a nightclub yesterday, but was forced to cancel due to travel restrictions introduced in the United StatesMarquee attracted a lot of attention after its opening in April last year. One of the highlights is the ferris wheel and three-story slide in the nightclub.

UkraineAccording to the news office of kricko, the mayor of Kiev, Ukraine, on March 16, it will restrict people's exchanges between Kiev and other regions to the greatest extent; restrict the holding of cultural, sports, social, religious and other mass activities; stop the foreign business of fast-food restaurants, restaurants, cafes and bars, and allow online ordering and distribution; close the trade center, excluding food and commodity stores and pharmacies; Temporary suspension of sports venues activities; temporary closure of residents' daily service places, including spa salon, beauty salon, sauna, massage, haircut, tattoo and other places; temporary closure of leisure places, including disco, nightclub, Internet bar; gas station, bank and ATM will keep working.

Kricko said it would cause inconvenience to the public and economic losses. But it is necessary and temporary. Profit and money are important, but health and life are the most important.


Delhi announced the closure of stadiums, spas, nightclubs and theaters until March 31. All cultural, social, political, religious and academic activities are limited to 50.

More anti epidemic countries are updating

The anti epidemic war is not over

Safety protection should not be taken lightly

It is worth noting that nightclubs are dense and closed representative places with a high probability of infection spread. Once a collective infection event occurs, the risk will become more uncontrollable. Different from the collective infection in churches, hospitals, fitness centers and other places, nightclubs do not need to record identity information. Who went there, there is no way to track the path.

At present, we must not take it lightly. Reduce going out and try not to participate in large-scale social activities in recent months! If you have to go out, you must wear a mask and wash your hands frequently!! especially the nightclub practitioners should also be aware of the risks and ensure the safety of everyone's life is the first priority. When the global epidemic is over, we will celebrate the carnival. Isn't it fragrant?