Highlights Of Guangzhou Exhibition

- Jan 09, 2020-

2020 Guangzhou Exhibition will be held in China Import and export commodities exhibition hall from February 19 to 22. The scale of this exhibition has reached a new high. The 16 exhibition halls span the two areas of exhibition hall a and B, with an exhibition area of 160000 square meters, an increase of 23% compared with this year's scale. It is expected to attract more than 85000 professionals from all over the world to the exhibition site. At present, 1562 exhibitors have confirmed their presence in Guangzhou Exhibition, with a year-on-year increase of 13.4%. Among them, famous brands in the industry will make a wonderful appearance on the scene, including many leading enterprises winning awards in the mainstream product categories of Huicong brand event:

Category extension: five major sectors including the upstream and downstream products of the industry

Since 2018, Guangzhou Exhibition has taken the lead in such pioneer fields as technology integration and system integration in the development trend of digital technology, and comprehensively built a more forward-looking and influential integrated display platform of professional lighting, sound and audio-visual. Guangzhou 2020 exhibition will continue to promote the development process of technology integration of professional audio-visual and audio-visual industries, and expand the category of exhibits to the five major sectors of entertainment, construction, business, culture, tourism and education, including professional audio, communication and conference system, digital media, KTV equipment, media system and solutions, professional lighting, projection, stage machinery and equipment and other products in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain

For the development of the entire entertainment industry, the deep integration of culture and technology plays a key role. The 2020 Guangzhou Exhibition grasps strategic opportunities and advocates a new concept of “Science and Technology Enabling Entertainment” to lead the professional sound and light and audiovisual industries to make strides towards the industrial upgrading process supported by technological integration and innovation. With the support of the International Stage Artists Theatre Architects and Theatre Technologists Organization (OISTAT) and the Shenzhen Digital Creative and Multimedia Industry Association, the 2020 Guangzhou Exhibition will launch the “Digital Media Experience Zone” in Hall 12.2 of Hall B, Comprehensive display of integrated applications of professional audiovisual technology, digital communication media, intelligent creativity, and artistic installations, ingeniously create a multimedia immersive art space for attendees.

In addition, the first 3D vision international light and shadow competition of China will be set up in Guangzhou 2020 exhibition, aiming to create a broad stage for many audio-visual and audio-visual art creators. Through the application of digital technology, art will be broadened and entered into new fields. Industry experts and campus students from new media digital art, culture, tourism, landscape lighting and other fields at home and abroad will participate in the competition. The popular works selected by Guangzhou Exhibition Hall will be competed in the final competition in Shenzhen at the end of March 2020.

Focus on cutting-edge technologies and trends and strive to improve the quality of activities in the same period

Guangzhou Exhibition has made great breakthrough in both exhibition scale and exhibition content, and continuously focused on improving the quality of activities in the same period -- a series of training courses and summit forums focusing on the industry's cutting-edge technology and market development trend will inject more advanced elements into next year's exhibition, and the expected plsg annual training course in the activity lineup will deepen the design and control of technology and dancing beauty System level, topics include:

Professional audio course: live sound reinforcement and audio system optimization

Deconstruction of aoip network audio technology

Prolight + sound advanced: media system

Prolight + sound advanced: real time communication

Performance safety training: design and planning

The light of the next generation

2020 new leap new journey

As an important meeting of professional audio-visual and audio-visual industries, Guangzhou Exhibition has been committed to optimizing the industry production and marketing docking environment and providing an ideal channel for people in the industry to exchange and cooperate. In order to better highlight the theme of Guangzhou Exhibition, highlight the significance of Guangzhou Exhibition, and give full play to the platform effect of Guangzhou Exhibition, Huicong sound and lighting network will once again set off a storm of "one thousand people buy a group", providing convenient trading service channels for professional sound and light, audio-visual people.

The on-site response of the buyer group is warm, and the customers are interested

Promote business enterprise interaction and understand each other's needs in depth

Trading and learning go hand in hand, teaching and pleasure

Achieve precise docking of manufacturers and high satisfaction of both sides

Huicong buying group first came into our vision since 2007. With its rich and faithful purchasing resources and relying on the influence of the exhibition, it organized a group of buyers with excellent qualifications to visit Guangzhou Exhibition in the form of group and professional audience, and visited many exhibitors, so as to realize zero distance negotiation between the supply and demand sides with relatively scattered industry distribution, so as to promote the transaction. After 12 years, the 13th Huicong buying group event has been successfully held. Up to now, more than 10000 people have come to the exhibition and set a number of records. Huicong buying group has become one of the most concerned professional buying groups in Guangzhou Exhibition, known as "the most powerful buying group in history". Every year, many professional audio and lighting industry engineers, agents, distributors, system integrators, performance companies, members of industry associations and other groups will be attracted to actively sign up for participation, setting off a whirlwind of buying groups in the exhibition.