InfoComm India

- Jul 17, 2020-

Sponsored by: Infocomm international, leading industry media and associations

Exhibition overview: Infocomm India is a leading professional audio-visual and Information Communication Exhibition in India hosted by audiovisual and integrated experience Association (avixa) and its Asian branch Infocomm Asia Pte Ltd. Infocomm India aims to connect system providers from all over the world with system integrators and end users in the Indian subcontinent, build cooperation bridges, establish mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships, and cultivate the skills needed for market growth. Although India is a huge market for professional audio-visual and communication systems, there are also challenges, so it is important for system suppliers to find the right partners. Infocomm international, as an international trade association of professional audiovisual and information communication industries affiliated to Infocomm India, has been working closely with industry members for several years to bring professional listening skills and knowledge to India.