Introduction To UV Lamps

- Nov 30, 2018-

UV lamp is the abbreviation of ultraviolet lamp, UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet (Ultra-Violet Ray). This kind of lamp is mainly used to carry out photochemical reaction, product curing, sterilization, medical inspection and the like by utilizing the characteristics of ultraviolet rays.

The UV lamp is a gas discharge lamp, and the gas discharge lamp is divided into an arc discharge and a glow discharge. The UV lamp used in UV curing is an arc discharge lamp. The working principle is: adding a quantitative high-purity mercury (mercury) to a vacuum quartz tube. By providing a voltage difference (pressure drop) to the electrodes at both ends, an ion discharge is generated, thereby generating ultraviolet radiation. The power of the UV lamp should meet the requirements (generally 80-120W/cm); the maximum life of the UV lamp should not exceed 1 200h, it is generally recommended to use 1 000h; the UV lamp is used for 500h, and the UV lamp is used for a period of time. It can be used alternately, one for 500h and the other for 500 to 1000h; the tube is cleaned and rotated counterclockwise for 1/4 week before use.