Light Up Again

- Nov 28, 2019-

Notre Dame in Paris, France, will restore its nighttime lighting, just like other buildings in Paris, seven months after the devastating fire, local time 21, Russian satellite network reported.

Information chart: on August 19, local time, the maintenance project of Notre Dame in Paris was restarted. A fire broke out at Notre Dame in Paris on April 15, burning the roof and spire. A large amount of lead contained in the burned building materials of Notre Dame spread with the fire, leading to lead pollution. Maintenance work was suspended at the end of July to remove lead contamination. Photographed by Li Yang, reporter of China News Agency

Before the fire, Notre Dame had two lighting systems, one of which had not been repaired, the report said. But the restored lighting unit is enough to illuminate the front of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame in Paris on April 15, the largest fire in history, church spire collapsed, support structure was engulfed by fire. Firefighters said the structure of Notre Dame and the main works of art preserved in the church were intact.

The prosecution in Paris ruled out deliberate arson. Possible causes of the fire include an open cigarette or electrical circuit fault.

After the fire, French President Marcon announced an ambitious plan to repair Notre Dame in Paris within five years, but many experts said the work would take 10 to 15 years.