Stage Equipment Classification

- Nov 07, 2018-

In various regions, countries, and historical eras, the habits of using stage equipment in theatrical performances are different, such as the use of artifacts in ancient Greek theaters, and the use of the upstairs in the ancient Roman stage, the Renaissance During the period, the famous Italian artist Da Vinci designed the turntable in the drama. The Italian stage also used the mechanical system of hanging flying people and scenery and the whole mechanical system of manipulating the side curtains with manpower. In Japan, Kabuki artists and Kim Jong-sam invented and used wooden turntables. On the court stage of the Qing Dynasty in China, the lifting system of the actor was used to lift the actor. After entering the electrical era, countries around the world have retained some of their own characteristics in the construction and use of stage equipment in the theater. The general trend has gradually approached and formed a set of practices:

Data analysis shows that in recent years, the assets and main income of China's performing arts equipment industry have grown rapidly, but the number of enterprises and the number of personnel have grown slowly; the ownership structure of enterprises is dominated by private economy, and the structure of human resources is clearly differentiated; The degree is high, the concentration of professional audio and lighting industry is low; the manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, and other types of enterprises are widely distributed; the system integration and R&D design enterprises have strong profitability, and the profitability of low-end assembly links is weak; Some products are close to the international advanced level, but most products still have considerable gaps. The current performing arts equipment industry should focus on improving innovation capability, promote technological advancement in the industry and cultivate independent brands, and comprehensively enhance the technical strength of the performance equipment enterprises and the comprehensive strength of the industry.