The 11th Asian Lighting Conference Was Successfully Held In Japan

- Jan 02, 2020-

On September 13-14, 2018, the 11th Asia Lighting conference, jointly organized by China Lighting society, Japan lighting society and Korea lighting electrical equipment society and hosted by Japan lighting society, was successfully held in Kobe, Japan. Due to the closure of Kansai Airport in Osaka caused by typhoon and earthquake, there were fewer participants than before, but more than 150 Representatives from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore and other countries attended the meeting.


In his speech, Professor Hao Luoxi, Chinese President of Asiatic lighting conference, said that they are very sorry that most of the Chinese contributors failed to attend the conference due to the closure of flights at Kansai Airport. Today's Chinese representatives are all flying to other cities in Japan. It's not easy to make a detour here. Thanks to the hard work of ALC Organizing Committee of Japan, the Asian lighting conference is held as scheduled under the current extremely difficult circumstances. At the same time, I wish all participants can have extensive exchanges and harvest.

The theme of the conference is "the LED age: challenge from Asia". There are 27 oral reports, 21 short oral reports and over 80 posted reports, and workshop and Mini Collection links. The two-day conference focused on the hot issues of residential lighting, intelligent lighting, lighting design and application, color science, light pollution, light health, etc., and promoted the international exchange and cooperation level of lighting industry in Asia.

In the theme report, Professor Yukio Akashi described the lighting design for the elderly, a specific group. He pointed out that due to the degradation of the visual system, the elderly's receptive sensitivity to light will be greatly reduced, and our harsh environment may be more comfortable for the elderly; while the light we feel comfortable for the elderly It's too dark, so in the lighting design, we should consider the visual perception of different age groups, improve the illumination properly, so that everyone has the ability to restore the light environment correctly.

Subsequently, the workshop with the theme of "color science for lighting" was shared by experts and scholars from China, Japan and South Korea. On behalf of Professor Luo Ming, the current Vice Chairman of CIE publishing and professor of Zhejiang University, Chinese side presented the report "color quality index of LED lighting"; Professor youngshin Kwak, the current director of the first division of CIE in Japan, introduced the new CIE chromaticity: CIE 2015; Professor Yoko MIZOKAMI, from South Korea, described her research in this regard with many examples, taking "the influence of light scattering on surface appearance" as the title Achievements.

In the "light pollution" Workshop on the 19th, three professors from China, Japan and South Korea, Professor Zhang Mingyu from Tianjin University, Professor etsuko Mochizuki from Chiba University of technology and Professor hyunji Kim from South Korea respectively shared the research and current situation of light pollution, described the latest progress of national and international standards, analyzed the problems and challenges faced by their respective countries, and aimed at these questions A series of solutions are put forward.

For the first time, this year's conference added students' workshop with the theme of "let's make connections across countries". 19 master's and doctoral students from China, Japan and South Korea participated in the discussion. They discuss their research directions and future development trends in groups, share their current research results, look forward to the future development trend of optics, draw mind map, and finally report the results. The participating students not only increased their knowledge and knowledge, but also established friendship through mutual cooperation