The Screen Output Adapts To All LED Screens In The Box

- Oct 10, 2020-


Large screen, multi screen, special screen emerge in an endless stream

KTV business, why do you make the screen so extravagant

Beauty comes at a price

The ratio of HDMI signal output by STB is 16:9

And LED screen will appear 1:1 and other non-standard size

This will lead to the distortion of the picture, unable to recognize the two-dimensional code

Great impact on entertainment experience

1: 1 LED screen

The picture is distorted after output

Original scale

Don't worry, easy to enlarge

Independent and closed R & D of easy

N30 entertainment screen output signal can be set

Adaptive all scale screens

In the case of retaining the original design concept of the box, the screen is output according to the LED ratio, without stretching and deformation, so that both the appearance and entertainment experience will be improved to a higher level.

N30 entertainment screen adaptation

Various unconventional LED screens

(as shown in the left figure 1:1)

Set proportionally

There is no distortion in the output picture

KTV box more unconventional proportion screen

Protected by easy N30

N30 box design

Shiyi N30 also brings more