The Stage Light Development First Part

- Nov 15, 2019-

According to the research data, at present, China's core business (professional lighting, professional sound, stage machinery) enterprises have grown by 26.1%, the total assets of the industry have reached 140 billion yuan, the main revenue has reached 1960.06 billion yuan, and it is estimated that the scale of China's performing lighting equipment will reach 264.27 billion yuan in 2024. China's professional performance lighting market is in a better development period and still has a lot of room for development.

From a global perspective, the performance lighting equipment manufacturing industry in Europe and the United States has a long history of R & D and manufacturing, with the first mover advantage in technology and brand. With the continuous upgrading of products and technologies and the development of global economy, the market scale of performance lighting equipment manufacturing industry is expanding.

According to the statistics of foreign institutions, the market share of the top three companies with the largest production scale in 2018 is 14.28%, and the market share of the top ten companies with the largest production scale is 27.88%.

The world famous performance lighting equipment brands include Martin, Ayrton, elation, high end system, vari Lite, etc, robe, clay pay, etc.

As for China's performance lighting equipment manufacturing industry, according to the in-depth market research and investment prospect forecast analysis report of performance lighting equipment industry in 2019-2024 released by xinsijie Industrial Research Center, the total number of enterprises in China's performance lighting equipment industry is more than 7000, including 5600 enterprises in professional lighting, audio and stage machinery industries, other related fields and There are about 1500 enterprises in business.

At present, the total number of performing arts equipment enterprises in China has increased by 33% compared with the results of the last industry census, and the number of core business (professional lighting, professional sound, stage machinery) enterprises has increased by 26.1%. The total assets of the industry has reached 140 billion yuan, and the main revenue has reached 1960.6 billion yuan.

At present, China has become an important manufacturing base of lighting, sound and performance equipment products in the world, especially in the Pearl River Delta, where more than 70% of enterprises gather, accounting for 80% of the total industrial output value.

New thinking industry researchers predict that the scale of China's performance lighting equipment will reach 264.27 billion yuan in 2024.

Pain points in the development of performance lighting equipment industry

Core technical barriers

Undeniably, with the government's policy driven and capital support for the cultural industry, the procurement of stage performance equipment continues to be strong. On the one hand, more foreign brands focus on the Chinese market and strive to take a share; on the other hand, China's performance lighting industry is in a fast-growing period, at the same time, domestic enterprises are also emerging on the international exhibition stand, drawing on the successful experience of foreign excellent brands, and constantly infiltrating into the international market through the exhibition.But generally speaking, there is still a certain gap between China's performance lighting industry and the world's advanced level. And with the continuous progress of stage technology, the requirements of lighting design integration technology and art are higher. However, there are still a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, and a large number of products are still low-end products with low technology content and serious homogeneity. Compared with the rapid development of lighting technology, the development speed is far behind, and fierce competition leads to low profit level of most enterprises in the industry. The R & D ability and innovation awareness of products are the barriers that Chinese performance lighting equipment enterprises need to break through for a long time in the future.

To change this dilemma, we must start from the fundamental "talent". Fortunately, many enterprises in our country have begun to attach importance to the introduction and training of technical talents. From the perspective of the jobs offered by the employing units, in addition to the graduates of dance, music and other majors, many units have relatively large demand for talents in the aspects of stage art setting design, lighting and sound control, field affairs and stage supervision, ticketing and so on. Many enterprises not only compete to select talents, but also sign agreements with colleges and universities to build training bases, institutionalizing the cooperation between schools and enterprises in the future.

Cross border technology transfer

With the continuous innovation of stage lighting industry technology, LED is widely used as a new light source, almost eliminating all kinds of pollution, which can be called the real "green light source". The beam shake head light is also an indispensable light on the stage. Therefore, LED light and shake head beam light become indispensable products in the stage lighting equipment in the performance.

"Stage environment, stage environment!" make the environment give artistic effect.

"Large scale theme lighting", "digital home" and other new requirements make traditional architectural environment lighting and stage lighting indissoluble. Many manufacturers use stage lighting technology and standards to manufacture outdoor or architectural environment lighting lamps. For example: waterproof series of computer lights, high-power outdoor computer lights, high-power lasers, etc., and some professional lighting enterprises have begun to develop lamps and control systems for home use that take into account basic lighting and artistic effect lighting.

Computer software for stage lighting design will continue to develop, and * will eventually allow designers to dominate their "visual" technology in a completely artistic "interactive" way. Today's lighting software only provides designers with the assistance of design, painting and paperwork. Future stage lighting design software will be able to use "touch screen" and "voice recognition" functions.

Future imagination space of performance lighting equipment

From simplification to diversification

The former stage lighting, often referred to as "stage lighting", presents obvious single characteristics. The future stage lighting has a diversified development trend.