Tour Of European Lighting Art

- Nov 28, 2019-

Along with the economic globalization, cultural globalization has become a new trend for countries to adjust their development strategies. Economy is no longer the leading standard of urban competition, and culture and art are gradually playing an important role in all aspects of the city.

In recent years, lighting Festival has become popular in European cities, and the booming lighting and lighting art has become a unique fashion art. This festival, which has both traditional and new ideas, has ignited the creative enthusiasm of countless artists, and also brought beautiful visual experience and soul shock to viewers. From December 5 to 8, 2019, the four-day Lyon lighting festival once again presents an unforgettable light and shadow feast for visiting tourists and local residents.

In the long and cold winter, nothing can bring people more warmth than light. After the last year's study tour of European lighting art, it was supported and affirmed by many parties. This year, China lighting network will continue to invite well-known designers, heads of engineering design companies, government departments and manufacturers related to lighting industry to travel to Europe again from December 4 to December 11 to enjoy the visual feast of light and shadow.

The purpose of this study tour is to broaden our horizons and increase our education. Through visiting, visiting, learning, exchanging and mobile classroom, we will take Chinese elements abroad, learn the essence of art, design, technology, culture and architecture in European countries and advanced international concepts, experience the local culture and design quality, and apply them to the development of China's lighting industry. It will also enter the lighting art festival of Lyon, which is full of bright lights, shuttle among the ancient urban buildings, and experience the artistic charm of lighting in other countries.