UV Lamp Application Range

- Dec 12, 2018-

1. Spraying: general mobile phone shell spraying, cosmetic shell, MP3 small appliance shell and other plastic spraying companies are mostly used, mobile phone shell spraying and uv printing are two industries, the requirements for uv are different, see his products and equipment . Mobile phone shell coating company, most of them have 6-8 lamps (in a painting line) as long as the parameters provided, as long as you know the specifications and parameters of his uv tube, can guarantee replacement.

2, printing: screen printing, offset printing, 5 color printing are mostly used. Like U disk, CD, etc., uv protective glue is used. When printing on CD, uv ink is also used for screen printing. In screen printing, uv ink is mostly used for printing. It has fast drying, good adhesion and various performance standards (adhesion, abrasion resistance, etc.).

3, the footwear industry: the use of ultraviolet radiation to the material of the sole, so that it has a chemical reaction, so that the adhesive and the sole and the upper have a good affinity. Footwear, suitable for adhesive, uv glue for plastic bonding, bonding of plastic tubes like hospital infusion. The general company that produces high-end sneakers can be used, and the business of this industry is based on technology.

4, the wood industry: only the surface of the coating, because uv paint (varnish, etc.) in all aspects of better performance: such as abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, etc., after uv coating, can make wood The surface is shiny and gorgeous. For the wood industry, most of the lamps used are long in length, and the power is mostly around 1000 mm.

5, PCB, LCD industry: pcb is the circuit board uv lamp for the board printing is generally used METAL (metal halide lamp), there is also a kind of exposure lamp is also a metal halide lamp PCB production, for exposure Developed, generally used in circuit board companies. Lcd is the display screen. Generally, the low-pressure cold ultraviolet lamp is different from the curing lamp, but it belongs to the ultraviolet lamp and has different uses.

6, crafts glazing: as long as the use of uv varnish crafts, can be used UV light tube.

7, uv automatic coating line: pre-treatment project is to use electrostatic precipitator, or electrostatic dedusting rod to deal with, it is often said: corona treatment, because of plastic, plastic material, its surface tension is very Poor, after corona treatment, the surface tension of the surface is increased, thereby enhancing the affinity of the substrate and the uv paint, so that there will be a better curing effect, if the pretreatment is not done well, the adhesion of the product is also There will be problems, many of which are not the cause of the lamp, but the problems of the equipment or the operation process, and the uv paint or ink also has a great relationship.