UV Lamp Use Conditions

- Dec 20, 2018-

To ensure that the UV lamp works normally, the following elements must be guaranteed: 

A. Select the matching lighting power supply, the matching leakage transformer/capacitor should match the voltage/current required by the UV lamp, and the rated power/secondary voltage/working of the leakage transformer The current/insulation coefficient/withstand voltage and capacitor capacity/withstand voltage/chargeable discharge number directly determine the luminous efficiency/stability and life of the UV lamp.

B. The matching fan should match the UV lamp power, note: It is not allowed to use a strong wind to cool the surface of the lamp tube, otherwise the surface temperature of the lamp tube will be too low to cause the lamp to extinguish the arc. 

C. Choosing a suitable reflector: The standard lampshade customized for the UV lampshade is a spotlight cover.