Various Use Contraband Of UV Lamps

- Jan 08, 2019-

1. It is forbidden to directly touch the UV uv lamp by hand to avoid scratching or damage, or to reduce the life of the lamp;

2. The lamp with the wiring direction must pay attention to the direction, otherwise it will cause the lamp to be damaged, the life is reduced or the surface of the uv lamp is overheated;

3, because the pressure inside the uv lamp is very large, please avoid bumping, scratching and other external forces to damage the lamp;

4. Do not use in places with inflammable or explosive materials such as thin materials, otherwise it will cause fire or explosion;

5, the uv light tube in the light should not be directly seen with the naked eye, otherwise it will cause eye irritation or decreased vision;

6, do not let the ultraviolet light directly shine on the skin, otherwise it will easily cause the skin to be damaged by ultraviolet radiation;

7. Do not touch the lamp that is lighting or the lamp that has just been turned off. Otherwise, it will cause burns due to excessive temperature on the surface of the lamp or reflector.

8. Do not bring flammable or explosive materials such as paper or cloth close to the lamp in use, otherwise it will cause fire due to the high temperature on the surface of the uv lamp;

9. When opening the lamp in the sealed space, please do the exhausting, because the ozone emitted by the lamp has great damage to the human respiratory system;

10, try to avoid the phenomenon of frequent opening and closing of the uv lamp, each time the opening and closing will cause the lamp to consume and reduce the service life of the lamp;

11. Restart or open the lamp cover at least 10 minutes after turning off the lamp, otherwise the lamp will be damaged or burnt;

12, install or replace the uv lamp, you must turn off the power when cleaning the lamp cover, otherwise it will easily lead to electric shock;

When there is a poor cooling condition, it is necessary to remove the fault in time to continue the operation, otherwise the service life of the uv lamp will be seriously affected.