What Is A Laser Light

- Feb 15, 2019-

Laser lamps are generally divided into industrial laser lamps and entertainment laser lamps. The principle of laser lamps is to use YAG solid-state lasers to generate laser beams using xenon lamps and Nd:YAG crystal rods to form visible green light through frequency conversion. The computer controls the galvanometer to produce high-speed deflection to form beautiful text or graphics.

PL-68B 效果 (10)

Laser light has the advantages of bright colors, high brightness, good directivity, long range and easy control. It looks more magical and dreamy. Applied in buildings, parks, plazas, theaters, etc., the use of the non-diverging nature of the laser beam can attract people's attention as far as a few kilometers away, because the point of emission from the laser has also become the focus of attention.